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Posted 26. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

An organization that represents people whose rights have been violated or discriminated against because of their disability. DRM also provides training on rights and self-representation and advocates for law and order reforms. DRM`s mission is to improve and promote the quality, empowerment, independence, productivity, integration and inclusion of persons with disabilities through education, strategic advocacy and legal intervention. Free legal advice to people with physical, sensory, mental, learning and/or cognitive disabilities on issues related to their disability, such as access to the right to vote, housing, employment, government services and education; and the rejection of assistive technologies. Pine Tree Legal Assistance`s administrative office supports the six regional offices. It includes Pine Tree`s Executive Director and staff responsible for financial systems, grants and fundraising, pro bono services and information technology. It also manages Pine Tree`s websites, including www.ptla.org, www.statesidelegal.org, and www.kidslegal.org. Free legal advice. Pine Tree Legal Assistance has several offices throughout the state and operates legal aid programs in select courts. For more information, please contact the staff of the administrative office: A victory in court I have been wrongly owed by companies for which I work on many legal levels Bankruptcy We believe in fairness and justice for all. We provide free civil legal assistance in Maine. Read Pine Tree`s statement on racial justice EYM`s mission is to find solutions to poverty and improve the lives of low-income people in Maine. To this end, the EYM advocates for equitable public policy within the legislature and government agencies.

EYM provides legal representation through systemic issues impact processes. EYM also works with various low-income communities and agencies through outreach, organizing, and education. Provides free legal aid to low-income Maine individuals in a variety of legal matters, including those involving family, estate, consumer, youth, and abuse protection. All legal work is performed by licensed Maine law students under faculty supervision. Maine`s oldest and largest national civil legal aid provider that helps Maine`s most vulnerable residents overcome pressing issues of daily life — domestic violence, homelessness, economic insecurity, financial abuse, employment issues, and more. PTLA`s mission is to ensure that state and federal laws affecting the poor are enforced, while addressing systemic barriers to justice faced by low-income Mainers. PTLA ensures access to justice for all Mainers We have resources to provide legal advice and represent Maine tenants facing eviction or many other housing issues. If you are threatened with eviction, please call us during the opening hours of our call centre indicated above. Pine Tree Legal Assistance can only help people who live in Maine or have a legal problem in Maine. If you live in another state and need legal assistance, contact your local legal aid organization Pine Tree Legal Assistance is a statewide nonprofit that advocates for quality, free, civil legal aid for low-income Maine people. Our mission is to ensure that state and federal laws affecting the poor are enforced, while addressing systemic barriers to justice faced by low-income Mainers.

We are committed to ensuring that all Maines have access to justice. Our services range from simple advice and short-time working to negotiations and full representation in the most difficult cases. To complement our limited staff capacity, we also provide user-friendly legal explanations and self-help tools, offer outreach and community education services, and work with institutions that serve low-income individuals, including social service providers, members of the private bar association, and the courts. Your foundation at the Maine Justice Foundation will have a lasting impact on the lives of many people who deserve your help. They support civil legal aid programs throughout Maine and the more than 19,000 clients they serve. There are several agencies and services in Maine that offer legal assistance to certain people with legal problems under certain conditions. Connecting people in need with the appropriate service requires a balance between legal issues and the organization`s missions, service areas, income policies, funding restrictions, and geographic scope. Since the late 1970s, Pine Tree Legal Assistance has maintained a specialized unit focused on the legal needs of Maine farm workers. The unit targeted harsh working conditions and violations of wages and hours common to migrant workers in Maine. The programme has led to lasting changes in areas such as improved working conditions, workers` rights to access legal services, and the wage structure of egg farm workers. Provides advice on identifying coverage options and applying for health care assistance programs.

In addition, the CCSA`s Health Law Program provides legal assistance to file appeals against denied claims and resolve other disputes with private health insurance companies. HelpLine Healthcare: The administrative office does not process requests for mutual legal assistance. The lawyer information service is often a good place to start, but there may be more appropriate options. Below is a list of legal service providers that can offer free or low-cost legal services: The Maine Legal Assistance website, which helps solve specific legal problems and finds information about laws. The HelpMELaw website also houses an extensive online library of easy-to-read legal documents. Pine Tree Legal Lawyer was wonderful and I would use them again and need to talk to them A national organization that provides Mainers aged 60 and over with free legal aid when their basic human needs are at stake. The LSE helps older people end elder abuse, understand and maintain public services, including health services, preserve housing by ending foreclosures and evictions, and end harassment of creditors. Seniors who need free legal assistance can call the LSE Helpline at 1-800-750-5353. Provides free legal information, support, and representation to low-income individuals facing civil law issues throughout Maine. VLP`s mission, “Justice for All,” provides legal clinics for family law matters such as divorce, child support/custody, and finds pro bono lawyers for civil matters, including personal bankruptcy, social security, unemployment compensation, and probate cases. 1-800-860-1460 and www.mainebar.org/lawyer-referral/lawyer-referral.aspx Maine`s only comprehensive national immigration legal aid organization dedicated to education, advocacy, and representation for new low-income Mainers. ILAP helps clients from dozens of countries living in Maine`s 16 counties keep their families together, receive protection from persecution and violence, and move toward economic security.

If you need help with something like a landlord-tenant issue, utilities (TANF, SNAP, etc.), debt, or many other common legal issues, use the information above to contact us. We cannot help you with criminal or family law matters. Click on the county where you live if you need the fax number of your local office. A firm dedicated to providing legal services to all Maineans, especially those who earn too much for legal aid, but not enough for a full-price attorney. MCLC`s areas of expertise include helping to start a business, resolving family issues, wills/health policies, and employment or disability issues. Provide legal assistance to low-income individuals in court cases in Cumberland, York, Sagadahoc, and Androscoggin counties, as well as to individuals incarcerated in Maine`s prison system. A program at the University of Maine School of Law in Portland. We serve customers in Penobscot, Piscataquis and Waldo counties. Our house was recently searched.

The police issued a search warrant and gassed my friend as the owner/occupier, me as a resident and my son as a resident. My friend is not the owner who is someone else. Should their name, the name of the owner, also appear on the search warrant? Grandparents have permission to have custody of our grandchildren. Free help for people over 60, socially or economically disadvantaged. Civil Affairs: 1-800-750-5353. Help with Medicare Part D denials, access to MaineCare and low-cost drugs for seniors. Pine Tree Legal helps more than 6,000 clients each year. We cannot help everyone who asks us for help. Sometimes we can`t help because it`s an area of law that we don`t do. Sometimes we can`t help because of our funding.

We try to help as many people as possible. Learn about your rights as an agricultural worker, your rights as a worker in Maine, and children`s rights in school and college.

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