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Mva Name Change Requirements

Posted 23. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

You must notify AMV MD within 30 days of a name change and request a correction of the vehicle`s registration or title documents. You must first change your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Please note that photocopies, digital scans or photos of documents do not meet federal requirements and will not be accepted. NOTE: The MD MVA now recognizes court-certified same-sex marriages (or registered partnerships) if the jurisdiction allows them to change their name and vehicle titles. If applicants are unable to provide acceptable proof that they hold a license from another state or country, they must be treated as a new driver and meet all requirements of the Maryland graduate licensing system. To make an appointment for the federal REAL ID, consult the REAL ID Document Guide. The guide helps you identify the right documents to meet REAL ID requirements, print a customer checklist, and ask you to book an appointment at an MDOT MVA store. We`ve extended hours and added staff who can accommodate more than 3,000 appointments a day across the state. A fee will be charged for a corrected license.

However, there is no fee to change the address card that must be carried with your driver`s license. You will receive the corrected card or license by mail The REAL ID Modernization Act has changed some evidence of Social Security documentation requirements for customers. If you need to provide REAL ID documents, please visit our REAL ID search tool to find out what documents you need to bring to your next appointment. If you move some time after changing your name, you can still take over the online process using the Maryland Change of Address tool. Note: Satisfactory proof of incorrect mileage for the motor vehicle accident must be provided before any changes to mileage information are considered. Evidence could include: A corrected licence may be issued for changes in name, address, height or weight, for the addition or removal of an organ donor designation, for the addition or removal of certain restrictions, or for the addition of a Veteran`s status designation. To change your address or name as an organ donor, you can do so online, here or at an MVA self-service kiosk. For changes in weight, height, or to add veteran status, please schedule a driver`s license/ID correction. You can also fill out the Change of Address Form (VR-154) and send it to the AMV. If you use a name other than your birth name or change the name on your current Maryland license, you must bring the document that triggered the name change, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court-ordered name change, to the MVA to correct your license. If you have a valid U.S. passport and the name on your passport is your current name on your driver`s license, you do not need to provide any other name change documents.

Changing your name to Maryland may require several different applications, including changes to yours: For insurance requirements, see MVA Insurance Compliance Information. A new title and registration card with the changed information can be issued to you. Note: You must return your incorrect title before the corrected title can be printed. If the Real Identity Search Guide states that you must provide MDOT MVA documents to renew your driver`s license or ID card, you must personally visit an MDOT MVA office. Real ID`s security requirements require that you bring documents for personal review and scanning. Note: You cannot use the website, newsstand or CSC to report a change of address if you have a P.O. Box address, have a Commercial Driver`s Licence (CDL) or represent a business. Owners of individual vehicles can also report a change of address: Relocation? Maryland also requires you to notify the MVA within 30 days! The good news is that if you fill out essentially the same paperwork and manipulate them while changing your name. Licence plates acquired by a person, company or entity for a vehicle in their possession may be transferred to a newly acquired vehicle provided that the following requirements are met: If you need to report a changed or incorrect name or address, see Change or correct the customer`s name and address. If for any reason you prefer to use the Postal Service, complete and submit the Maryland Change of Address form. IMPORTANT: For all name changes – marriage, divorce, etc.

– please first update your name with the Social Security Administration and, if possible, provide proof of this change at your MDOT MVA appointment. Only for address changes, address correction cards will be sent to the new address, which must be carried with the vehicle`s registration document and driver`s license. If you hold a license of less than 18 months, you will receive a Maryland provisional license. Click here for more information on the temporary license. All trailers are subject to the same motor vehicle laws as passenger cars. They must be titled and if registration is desired, they must undergo a security check (if they are used vehicles). Customers with a driver`s license or ID card that expires after May 3, 2023 will have the option to wait for the expiration date shown on the card OR upgrade to a REAL ID card.

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