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Posted 5. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

If a foreign lawyer who is a qualified person is qualified to practice in a common law jurisdiction and has two years of relevant legal experience, he or she may apply for an exemption so that he or she can obtain a full licence after passing Part A of the Singapore Bar Examinations. Civil litigation is the formal legal proceedings that take place when the court challenge relates to a civil matter and when the matter involves your private rights and responsibilities. Axiom is revolutionizing legal workforce solutions in Singapore and beyond. We know you don`t just want to fill an empty seat at the table – you`re looking for a smart, accomplished and highly skilled lawyer with the experience to get it right the first time. As Singapore`s leading legal headhunters, we can connect you with highly experienced legal advisors from a wide range of industries. Our law firm offers one of the most diverse pools of candidates in the legal field. Yuen Law LLC is a full-service boutique law firm dedicated to providing thorough, practical and cost-effective legal advice to clients on commercial, corporate, intellectual property, family, personal property and litigation matters. In Singapore, the husband has the legal responsibility and duty to provide for the wife or ex-wife or to contribute to her maintenance (e.g. reasonable costs of accommodation, clothing, food and education). A foreign lawyer may obtain a limited licence to provide advisory services in foreign and international law (i.e. to become a foreign legal advisor). Here are some common legal questions we can help with: Our firm is built on the philosophy of integrity, honesty, compassion and excellence – core values that guide our practice and relationships.

Our lawyers provide intelligent legal advice with a touching, empathetic and agile approach. In order to provide advisory services in foreign and international law, a foreign legal advisor is not obliged, but may enter into a business relationship with local lawyers. Get free legal advice and answer your questions. Need more help? Find out how you can hire our lawyers to advise you. Axiom is the world`s leading provider of alternative legal services. With over 2,000+ employees on three continents, we offer the talent and technology to help legal departments adapt to a challenging new era. A civil action is brought either by you or by a company and organization with their own legal personality. A foreign lawyer registered under Section 130K of the AHR Act and Rule 18 of the LPIS 2008 may practice foreign law and international law in Singapore or from Singapore at the law firm where he or she is registered. He or she cannot practice Singaporean law in any area of legal practice, however, there are no restrictions in the areas of foreign law and international law in which a foreign lawyer may practice. | PQE: 10+ years| Legal specialty: commercial and contract law| Clients Served So far: Asset Management Organisation, Global E-Commerce Provider “Axiom pays attention to detail; They are not trying to force the role that presents itself. You`re really looking for the alignment of skills, talent, and personality. The whole process has a personal touch, from identifying a new role to actually creating that position.

A court will only grant your petition for divorce if you can prove that there is an “irretrievable breakdown” of your marriage. The Dispute Resolution team handles all disputes, including complex commercial matters before the courts. In determining the amount of maintenance to be paid by the husband, the court usually tries to place the husband and wife in the financial situation they would be in had the marriage not failed. Foreign lawyers may request exemptions from one or more of these requirements, and these appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Senior Director, Corporate Practice Group Team Leader (Regulatory and Securities) According to the LPIS 2008 rules, the rules of the legal profession (professional conduct) with amendments apply only to foreign lawyers practising Singaporean law. The husband`s obligation to support his ex-wife usually ends when the ex-wife remarries or when he dies (whichever comes first). If you have any doubts, you can send us an email to inquiry@yuenlaw.com.sg for clarification. Our lawyers advise companies on incorporation, transaction and strategic matters – from corporate secretarial and corporate structuring to contract drafting and negotiation and compliance issues. The court decides how much alimony to pay, taking into account these factors: write us an SMS or call us via Whatsapp and request your free 30-minute consultation.

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