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Legal Aid Ontario Regulations

Posted 3. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

If you have a legal problem in Ontario but live outside the province or country, visit our Non-Resident Services page. It is very important that you continue to use your original customer number. Be sure to check all the documents you have already received from legal aid, as your client number will be included. Your customer number starts with CLT. If you still can`t find your customer number, call him. Eligibility for legal aid in Ontario is determined by provincial regulations. In the past, eligibility criteria were linked to provincial social benefits. The financial eligibility level was last changed in 1995, when changes were made to provincial social benefit rates. Financial eligibility is determined through a “needs test”. It takes into account the revenues, but also the expenses and liabilities of the applicants. Non-contributory legal aid is granted on the basis of an assessment of the maximum amounts, including basic aid, debt and housing assistance.

Applicants may obtain legal aid if they do not exceed the allowances. There is an “income exemption element” in the application determination process that “accelerates” applicants with very low incomes by valuing assets. The shortfall is not a minimum income, but a tool or measure to determine whether a more detailed assessment is needed. Most social assistance recipients are automatically entitled to free legal aid (provided that it does not go beyond the property test). If you are financially qualified and have a legal issue that we cover, we will provide you with the service that suits your case. Call us to find out if you qualify. Legal Aid Ontario is committed to accountability and transparency while continuously improving the delivery of legal aid services. LAO`s rules and guidelines provide advice, limits and expectations and ensure quality services to our clients. Please read the guidelines below or visit LASA2020rules.ca to learn more. You may be able to get help from one of our specialized legal clinics.

Visit; Ontario Workers` Compensation Group Workers` Health and Safety Legal Clinic Injured Workers Community Legal Clinic Other legal clinics may also be able to help. Separation is when you and your ex – you may be married or customary – decide to live apart. If you are married, separation does not mean that your marriage is over. A divorce is when a court officially ends your marriage. How to separate “legally”. If you are financially qualified and have a legal issue that we cover, we will help you pay for a lawyer to represent you. Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) provides legal aid in English and French to financially eligible low-income Ontarians. Since its creation under the Legal Aid Services Act, 1998 (LASA, 1998), LAO has become an important part of a strong justice system that provides high-quality legal services in the following areas: The new Act provides Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) with an opportunity to innovate and modernize legal aid services and delivery.

LAO also funds 72 independent legal aid agencies and seven student legal aid organizations across the province that specialize in clinic law. If you need urgent legal advice on a family, immigration or refugee matter, call us immediately or ask someone at a shelter or legal clinic for our free two-hour legal advice. You may also be eligible for a lawyer to represent you in court. The Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the Child, Youth and Family Services Act all have parts that reflect the special legal status of Indigenous peoples in Canada. If you identify as Aboriginal, your lawyer can ensure that Gladue factors and principles are applied. If you can`t afford a lawyer, call us to find out if you qualify for legal aid. If you qualify for legal aid, we can either cover the cost of a lawyer to represent you or visit one of our lawyers in court (they are called court-appointed lawyers) who can advise you. On this page: Legal Aid Court appearances Bail prisons More information Legal advice I need legal advice in my criminal proceedings.

Can I go to the public defender`s office at the courthouse to speak to someone? Meanwhile, service defence offices are located in courthouses. Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) provides family and criminal services to eligible Aboriginal people.

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