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Law and Order Svu Season 4 Episode 12 Cast

Posted 29. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

After the disappearance of a child rape victim`s rape kit, CSR begins to suspect that someone in law enforcement is covering up the crime. When a correctional officer becomes the prime suspect, Benson goes undercover to a women`s prison in an attempt to expose the perpetrator. The task is risky as Benson faces many horrific realities of the prison system, including, but not limited to, a possible sexual assault itself. Nobody likes it when Benson is in danger, and this episode is one of the most exciting cases. The discovery of an infant`s remains leads to a case that deals with a fatal genetic disease and a parent`s moral crisis. Dr. Platner: Judd Hirsch. Andrea Brown as Elizabeth Mitchell. Daniel Brown as Gregg Edelman Donna Emmett as Viola Davis Ellen Swanson as Heather Goldenhersh Patty Swanson as Nathalie Paulding Roger Swanson as Ned Luke Colleen Swanson as Allison Briner Cabot as Stephanie March Benson: Mariska Hargitay.

Stable: Christopher Meloni. Everyone loves a One Chicago and Law & Order crossover event, and “Daydream Believer” offers a deliciously intense episode of CSR. When it comes to SVU`s most evil villains of past, serial rapist and murderer Greg Yates is a serious contender (behind William Lewis). Yates kidnaps Nadia (Stella Maeve) from Chicago P.D. and pathologically tortures her by driving her to New York. Sergeant Voight (Jason Beghe) wins and the Chicago P.D. travels to the Big Apple to help SVU pursue Yates. Benson acknowledges Yates` actions in his previous argument with the man, but his efforts come too late, as Yates murders Nadia and details her torture in court. This one was difficult! In the episode “Fallacy”, Kate Moennig played Cheryl Avery, a transgender woman born Charlie Avery. Moennig saw the show as his initiation into New York, saying, “You have to make law and order if you live in New York!” In the episode “Perfect”, Barrie was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.[12] She portrayed Ms.

Haggerty, one of the organizers of a cult who believes she is doing the right thing before changing her mind at the end of the episode.[13] This episode was the beginning of the prime-time broadcast network for Gale Harold. In the final episode “Soulless”, detectives are on the trail of a vicious sociopath from Logan Marshall-Green.[14] The detectives have a debate about whether her character has a conscience, and in this scene, Mariska Hargitay felt uncomfortable evoking the pessimistic point of view. Neal Baer told her, “I`m sure you think there`s something good about everyone, but Olivia Benson doesn`t. [15] Some of the most exciting episodes of CSR are based on true stories. This is the case of season 6 “Identity”, full of twists and turns at every moment. While SVU is initially called to confront a gang member after he pushes a man off a roof, the investigation takes a shocking turn when Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni) are led to a pair of fraternal twins. The siblings end up being more than they look, with one of the children receiving a botched circumcision at birth, which resulted in both children being abused by a manipulative sexologist. This episode ends far from its starting point, which is always a thrill for CSR fans. Drum roll please, because we have the most intense, crazy and mind-blowing episode of SVU with season 15 “Surrender Benson.” William Lewis wins the crown for SVU`s vilest and most evil villain, who comes out in full force after the serial rapist and killer kidnaps Benson and holds her captive in a secluded cabin in the woods.

This wasn`t Benson`s first rodeo with Lewis, so she was able to escape relatively safely, but she was then forced to relive the entire traumatic ordeal during the exhausting phase. While SVU fans hate to see Benson struggling, Hargitay`s performance makes it one of the best Law & Order: SVU episodes of all time. Time is SVU`s biggest enemy in Season 7 “911,” the episode that earned Hargitay a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama. Benson receives a call from a frightened girl and learns that she is trapped alone in a room, a potential victim of child pornography. SVU is then led in a savage chase for her location while Benson tries to keep the girl on the line to locate her location. Benson discovers that the girl is a victim of sex trafficking, which is thankfully saved by CSR at the end of the episode. Fans of Benson and Stabler`s strong friendship think “Fault” is one of the best episodes of Law & Order: CSR because it`s incredibly good to use their bond as a source of conflict. After a sex offender is released from prison and kidnaps two children, Stabler and Benson argue with the abuser, who cowardly uses the child as a shield. Instead of chasing the perpetrator, Stabler runs to Benson`s distress after being injured by the perpetrator, resulting in the death of one of the children.

Later, Stabler is held at gunpoint and Benson refuses to shoot the perpetrator for fear that Stabler will be wounded. In the end, the murderer is caught by other members of CSR, so both detectives wonder if they can properly perform their work with the other as a partner. In a 2012 interview with Media Mayhem, Neal Baer cited “Juvenile” as a script whose writing was relevant to the still debated jurisprudence. [3] In the episode, a well-meaning boy is manipulated by a sociopathic classmate and charged with murder – an issue raised by Miller v. Alabama before the Supreme Court. In the same interview, Baer talked about how detectives have different opinions about the gray areas of the law. He suggested this contributed to NBC`s willingness to immerse him in highly sensitive topics without censorship, citing “Mercy” as an example. [3] Which episodes of Law & Order: CSR are the best of the best with such a long mandate? It`s almost impossible to answer, but these 11 episodes below still make the hearts of fans tick. With over 500 episodes in the case, these CSR episodes are among the best of the best. Actor Chad Lowe, who had already starred in the second season, returned to the set of CSR. However, instead of repeating his character, he made the season finale. The episode “Dominance” featured CSU Captain Judith Siper, played by actress and life sciences executive Caren Browning.

Browning remained in this role for the next eight seasons.[4] As with Neal Baer, she explained that her role at CSR was beneficial to her work in the healthcare sector: “My work on the show has opened a lot of doors and conversations with the press and clients – so there is a real synergy. After two seasons as a recurring guest star, BD Wong (Dr. George Huang) was included in the opening credits of the fourth season.[5] It was also the last full season with Stephanie March as ADA Alexandra Cabot. Previous seasons featured Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay in each episode. The first episode to break this trend was “Rotten,” in which Detective Benson worked primarily with Detective Tutuola. From car accidents to questionable parental origins, “Fatherhood” has many scary scenes that keep CSR fans on their toes. SVU deals with the arrival of a young boy whose nanny is beaten, raped and murdered. Meanwhile, Stabler wonders if Kathy is pregnant with her child due to her brief separation. Add to all this the fact that Benson and Kathy had a life-threatening car accident that causes Kathy to go into premature labor. Benson is a true rock star in this episode, and many SVU fans wonder what Stabler would do without her. It is never easy to tackle a Colombian drug cartel, but no task is too heavy for CSR.

In “Loss”, an undercover DEA agent is raped and murdered, leading SVU to become involved in the agent`s investigation. Undercover agents and CSR must bring down the entire drug network before the cartel can reach them, resulting in a harrowing sequence of events. “Loss” marks the final episode of ADA Cabot (Stephanie March) in SVU`s main cast, and it was, to say the least, a stretched curtain. In the fourth season of this crime drama, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) first works with Fin (Ice-T) on a case in which they investigate the death of a prisoner. Meanwhile, Stabler (Christopher Meloni) embarks on an undercover mission involving smuggling cocaine into baby food, and his life is in danger. Guest stars include Rob Estes as the controlling father whose son fears him, and Elizabeth Mitchell as a grieving mother who is on trial for euthanizing her terminally ill baby. In the first episode of the season “Chameleon”, Sharon played Lawrence as Maggie Peterson, a psychotic prostitute who kills men after sleeping with them. Speaking of this role, Lawrence revealed that her “husband was trained as a psychiatrist in a large psychiatric ward and was very helpful in the search for this pathology. It was a great challenge to understand the spirit of this character. Award-winning actress Pam Grier appeared in the fifth episode “Disappearing Acts”.[7] She reappeared in the fifteenth episode “Pandora” and was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her time at SVU.

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