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Definition of Public Relations in Mass Communication

Posted 12. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

In 1982, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) adopted the following definition of public relations, which helps identify its purpose: “Public relations helps an organization and its audiences adapt to each other.” Public Relations Society of America (2009b). In its “Official Statement on Public Relations,” PRSA clarifies the function of public relations: Among the many competing definitions of public relations, J. Grunig and Hunts is the most frequently cited definition of public relations: public relations is “the management of communication between an organization and its audiences.” Grunig and Hunt (1984), p. 4. One of the reasons why this definition is so successful is its frugality or the use of a few words to convey a lot of information. It also lays the foundation for the profession directly within management, as opposed to competing approaches to journalism or the marketing and advertising promotion approach, which focuses primarily on consumers. The components of Grunig and Hunt`s famous definition of public relations are as follows: PR strategies enable the brand to seize opportunities. Google made headlines because it donated to Ebola. Facebook has promoted LGBTQ rights.

Coca-Cola has made a public relations move against obesity. In each discipline, typical activities include promotional events, speaking opportunities, press releases, newsletters, blogs, social media, press kits, and outgoing communications with members of the press. Video and audio press releases (VNR and ANR) are often produced and distributed to television stations in the hope that they will be used as regular broadcast content. Litigation public relations is the management of the communication process in the context of a legal dispute or judicial treatment in order to influence the outcome or its impact on the client`s overall reputation (Haggerty, 2003). Virtually any organization can benefit from media relations – it`s essentially a form of free advertising. However, it`s important to remember that you can`t control what the press says about your organization. While you can suggest an idea for media coverage, they can take their own perspective on the story and change the narrative you`ve envisioned. To be able to work in media relations, you have to be organized, but very flexible. According to a 2017 survey by Spring Associates, U.S.

private sector public relations practitioners — who work in public relations agencies — earn salaries ranging from $54,900 for an early career account manager position to $118,400 for a mid-career account manager position to $174,200 for an executive vice president position. [24] Those who work in the private sector in the public relations department of a company or organization earn salaries ranging from $77,600 for an early career as a public relations specialist and $149,300 in a mid-career position as a public relations manager up to $185,000 for a senior position as vice president of public relations. [24] Wages tended to be higher for those employed in major media markets such as New York and Los Angeles, and lower for those employed in tertiary markets. [24] A company has little direct control over the public relations process. If successful, a press release can be printed in its entirety, although there can be no control over where or when it is printed. A press release can be misinterpreted and can lead to adverse reports. This is in contrast to advertising, where an advertiser can exercise considerable control over the placement of content and the timing of an ad. This includes other ways to directly reach the chosen audience. Conferences, exhibitions, conferences, events in shopping malls, demonstrations, open days, public tours and much more are examples of activities that facilitate contact. The environment of such a contact is a key element. Next, the event must be structured in such a way as to offer the right level of interest in conjunction with the communication message so that the event can be considered valid.

Paramount Pictures, in order to promote its new horror franchise The Ring and attract more attention, took a step forward and planned a publicity stunt where the protagonist followed people in a real-life scenario. Advertising is a paid medium, public relations is a given media. This means convincing journalists or editors to write a positive story about you or your client, candidate, brand or topic. It appears in the editorial section of the magazine, newspaper, television station or website and not in the “Paid Media” section, where commercials appear. So your story has more credibility because it has been independently verified by a trusted third party and not bought. Here`s a good graph from a previous column: A press release is an article that is distributed to the media in the hope of placing it in a publication. It is the mainstay of the public and, when published, it can be of considerable value. Editorial questions are seen and read by more people than advertising in the same magazine or newspaper. The content of an article also gains credibility by having the implicit support of the publication.

The public is any group whose members have a common interest or common values in a particular subject, such as: of a political party. These members would then be considered stakeholders, that is, individuals who have a share or interest in an organization or subject that may involve the organization or group they are interested in. Public relations in public relations are: Public relations work can overlap or be confused with other similar departments. Here`s a look at how public relations may or may not be related to marketing, advertising, or communication. The public relations department advertises the company. If something happens that has to do with the company, the same thing is made public to consumers. For example, if a company is rewarded by the government for its best performance in the field of production or export earnings, the public relations department strives to make this event known to the population. Such information creates a better image of the company among people, and its goodwill receives a great boost.

The Public Relations Student Society of America has established a set of basic guidelines that people in public relations professions should practice and apply in their business atmosphere. These values are as follows: Without exception, marketing directs its efforts to the end user and neglects those who could influence the end result. These groups of people or public opinion are promoted by public relations for overall company goals. A typical example is that a medical representative calls a doctor who does not aim to sell drugs, like any typical salesperson involved in marketing and sales. Public relations is an important part of promotion. In the age of globalization, most multinational companies are making concrete efforts to manage and maintain their relationships with their customers. Most multinational companies have a public relations department that strives to monitor customer attitude and perception. For local businesses or small businesses, community relations is a crucial form of public relations. You need to understand how to best interact with your community and serve it to open a positive dialogue with it. Large companies or national companies can also benefit from community relations, especially if they organize or participate in local events. With the accessibility of social media, even small community-focused events can become national news. Politicians also employ public relations professionals to present their views, policies, and even personality for their best benefits.

[66] [67] Part of the public sphere of society includes the persons and institutions with whom the corporation has a financial relationship. This includes shareholders, creditors, potential investors, banks, financial analysts, etc. “Public relations is a strategic communication process that establishes mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their audience.” [14] Public relations deals with the communication of news written by experts using unpaid or acquired media in order to establish mutually beneficial relationships with the public. Public relations is critical to a company`s success, especially when the company`s shares are listed on the stock exchange and the value of a stock depends on public confidence in a company or brand. In addition to handling media requests, requests for information, and shareholder concerns, public relations staff are often responsible for shaping and maintaining the company`s image. Sometimes, pr professionals engage in negative PUBLIC RELATIONS or deliberate attempts to discredit a competing brand or company, even if such practices do not comply with the industry`s code of ethics. Publicists can work in a variety of different types of business areas such as entertainment, technology, music, travel, television, food, consumer electronics, etc. Many publicists build their careers in a particular field of activity to leverage relationships and contacts.

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