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Posted 6. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

The register of members of a British Virgin Islands company is not filed with the Registrar of the British Virgin Islands, but information (name, nationality, address, identity document, etc.) on the beneficial owners of the company must be uploaded to the BOSS portal (Secure Beneficial Ownership System). While only the registered representative of the company and the competent authorities have access to BOSS, the company may, for its own reasons, choose to submit its register of beneficial owners to the registrar. If this is the case, it is automatically accessible to anyone performing a search. This provides a simple one-stop shop for business consultants and legal procurement services to gather information about the companies they want to hire. Would you like to contribute to the comparison guides or receive updates on new versions? Subscribe to our mailing list: The profile section contains a list of companies that have created business profiles in The Legal 500. You can also find the following for a BVI BC in the public folder: Step 1: Complete Form RL 22 (Request for Access to the Registry). In 2016, the British Virgin Islands Commercial Companies Act was amended to introduce a requirement for all British Virgin Islands companies to file a copy of their register of directors with the Registrar of the British Virgin Islands to include more identifying information for each director. This information is only available for public inspection if the company decides to approve it. The land register is the custodian of all registered land transactions. All registered documents are public documents. Step 3: The reception officer provides the land register, parcel file or cadastral map. Step 2: Send the completed application forms with the payment to the front desk agent. With regard to due diligence, it is possible to access general information on the registration of a British Virgin Islands company, the instrument of incorporation of a company, the certificate of good repute and the register of taxes in the public register.

Additional information may be available through the company`s registered BVI agent, but the target company`s permission is usually required to ensure disclosure of the registered agent`s documents. (Note: If you are successful, the registered representative is the right person to notarize these documents.) Although the editorial is independent of the business profiles, the profiles allow the in-house consultant to gain insight into the firm`s strengths, locations, key contacts, biographies of individual lawyers (all provided by the firm) as well as the firm`s current rankings. Law firm partners and practice managers explain how their law firms adapt to the changing needs of clients As in the Cayman Islands, documents that are publicly available for a British Virgin Islands company (BVI BC) are different from those that can be found in the United States, but additional information can be accessed through the British Virgin Islands Registered Representative. of a company with the consent of its client or by court order. General information about companies incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, such as a company`s registration number, registered office, date of incorporation, statute and authorized capital, can be obtained from the British Virgin Islands Registrar of Companies. Step 4: After use, the client returns the land register, parcel file or cadastral plan to the preserved state.

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