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Times up Legal Defense Fund Go Fund Me

Posted 3. Dezember 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

Hosted and managed by the National Women`s Law Center Fund, all activities of the TIME`S UP Legal Defense Fund are completely independent of the TIME`S UP Foundation and TIME`S UP Now. Decisions regarding cases, eligibility, and funding are made by staff of the National Women`s Law Center Fund`s TIME`S UP Legal Defense Fund, based on rigorous assessment against a coherent set of policies that are in no way influenced by any external agenda, person, organization, or entity. When the Time`s Up fund flourished in 2018, victims of sexual misconduct in desperate financial situations became aware of it. The Time`s Up GoFundMe campaign, which aims to support victims of sexual harassment and assault by paying their legal fees, has already raised more than $16.7 million from people around the world in less than a month, making it the most successful initiative ever launched on the popular crowdfunding platform. a GoFundMe representative told Money. GoFundMe has become a go-to place for people who want to make a difference after natural disasters, shootings and other tragedies. Individuals have also turned to the mass fundraising platform to pay their medical and legal bills. This fall, Alex McCall, a 50-year-old entrepreneur for a federal agency in Colorado, struggled to find a lawyer. In August, she reported to her supervisors and authorities that a co-worker sexually assaulted her while they were on break at work, she said. While her allegations were being investigated, she learned that the accused colleague had apparently hired a defence lawyer. She thought she should have a lawyer too. A separate fundraiser was also launched in support of Kavanaugh, raising $488,500.

But Morrison never thought it would be an expensive legal battle, she said. At first, she even hoped to get funding for Time`s Up, but was eventually turned down because her alleged assault didn`t happen at work. Today, as steadfast as she is about the righteousness of her cause – gaining the freedom to tell her story without fear of reprisal – she knows it`s likely that more financial turbulence and stress are coming. Tina Tchen, Michelle Obama`s former chief of staff and current director of the Time`s Up defense fund, told Broad in October, on #MeToo`s birthday, that she saw the power of the movement as a sign of progress. {mosads} Other major fundraisers in 2018 include pages to help survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, one to build homes for Rohingya refugees, another for victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, and one to help the only surviving family member who died in the Missouri duck boat accident. In January, more than 300 women from the entertainment industry came together to officially launch Time`s Up and its Legal Defense Fund, which leverages collaboration with the National Women`s Law Center to distribute funds and services. Time`s Up broke a GoFundMe record this year, raising more than $22 million for its legal defense fund since the campaign went live on the site in December 2017. GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon said in a statement to The Hill that through the Time`s Up fundraiser, the company has seen “Hollywood team up with communities around the world to share stories and support each other” globally. Last November, Armiger, 27, decided she wanted to take her case to court once and for all, and she knew it would cost her dearly. So she launched a GoFundMe with a goal of $20,000 for legal fees.

A year later, she raised about $9,000 from 200 donors. GoFundMe announced Thursday that Time`s Up is officially the largest fundraiser in the site`s eight-year history, raising almost as many as the top 10 campaigns of 2017 combined, according to BuzzFeed News. Time`s Up, the legal defense fund set up to support victims of sexual misconduct in the workplace, is the largest fundraiser in the history of the GoFundMe platform. The money has assembled a list of well-known celebrities who have so far donated more than $10,000 to Time`s Up`s Legal Defense Fund. A full list of donors is available on the GoFundMe Time`s Up page. Time`s Up was a response to the flood of stories of women who shaped the #MeToo movement, the oldest coming from Hollywood. Many criticized the movement for its initial focus on the entertainment industry, wondering what #MeToo meant for ordinary women who didn`t have the fame or wealth to make their voices heard or take legal action against their alleged abusers. Lesser-known GoFundMe campaigns offer unparalleled insight into the private consequences of sexual assault: an Ohio campaign sought funds for a woman`s second-trimester abortion after her rapist impregnated her; One woman asked for help paying her phone bill, explaining that she had been unemployed since she was diagnosed with PTSD after being raped. Another asked for $300 to replace her bedding “to remove the emotional stain” from her attack.

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