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Stirling Ackroyd Legal Meet the Team

Posted 1. Dezember 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

But what sets us apart from other agents? As well as our dedicated branch staff, in Stirling Ackroyd, we also have experienced central teams to assist you with your real estate transaction. These include a dedicated call center, administrative teams, move-in, renewal, and property management, as well as a dedicated sales progression feature. Search for offices, retail or online service offices or contact our team to find the perfect commercial property to rent or buy. We also provide property leasing and disposal services as well as real estate acquisition and investment and development services. Brett has a passion for the commercial real estate market with a wealth of experience and professionalism to advise clients and candidates on all their needs. Having joined the sales team in 2005 and leading one of Stirling Ackroyd`s most active and successful teams, Brett`s market knowledge and passion for Stirling Ackroyd is contagious. He is pleased to offer valuable advice, advice and marketing development, or investment evaluations to a range of clients. He is also an avid supporter of rugby, but nowadays he prefers to watch rather than play. Stirling Ackroyd Legal is a trademark of the Stirling Ackroyd Group. The group filed a lawsuit against a third party (now called Ackroyd Legal, as well as a person associated with that company) who complained that he was using the trademark without consent. This action resulted in a settlement agreement as part of a High Court order of 5 January 2021. Ackroyd Legal violated portions of this settlement agreement and the Class was compelled to obtain another Supreme Court order dated May 6, 2022 requiring Ackroyd Legal to comply with these terms.

Ackroyd Legal no longer uses the Stirling Ackroyd Legal trademark. Four years ago we started with four initial employees, known as the `Original 4`, and have grown to over 150 lawyers in the UK and overseas, covering a wide range of legal services. We are consistently recognized for the level of service we provide to our clients and go above and beyond to ensure we achieve the best results for each case. When you choose our expert legal team, you can benefit from: Building relationships is key to our success and we work hard to provide the best possible service to our diverse clients. Our experienced team is comprised of experts in their areas of land and acquisition expertise, development services including consulting and development sales planning and promotion through market-leading lead generation activities. Tom joined the Stirling Ackroyd family in 2021, initially in the New Homes sales team, drawing on his 3 years` experience selling apartments at rival London agency. Her industry experience combined with a hunger and desire for success allowed her to thrive in this role. After a successful period with the New Homes team, Tom now works in the Land & Development team looking for exciting new development opportunities in East London and beyond. When he`s not on the sidewalks of East London looking for development sites, you`ll find Tom at Stamford Bridge, a number of London`s best pubs/restaurants, and sometimes in the gym! Harry Mann recently joined Stirling Ackroyd. After 7 years of experience in the East London and Essex market, Stirling Ackroyd was the move he was looking for. Eger and determined to close deals and distinguish himself in the Shoreditch market, he will be another great addition to the team. George joined the office in 2014 and has been an integral part of the office agency team ever since.

George is involved in all aspects of the office agency for sales and rentals, working for a variety of landlords and tenants. His energy and passion for the City Fringe market has established himself as an important member of the commercial department. It has earned a reputation for providing efficient service to a wide range of clients. Rachel joined the team in 2019 with no previous real estate experience, but managed to quickly take on the role and now works in the Commercial and New Homes and Lands departments. The backbone of the team and the real boss! We have gained a fantastic reputation as experts in new land and homes in and around London. We cover land and acquisition, development services include consulting and planning, as well as a dedicated new home sales team that is expert in conducting plan sales. Ryan joined New Homes in 2015. Ryan is a rare beast; a Londoner born and raised. Living in East London during his studies and career, he has a keen awareness of the ever-changing property market that is taking the East End from humble beginnings to the vibrant, creative and exciting place it is today. After several years in apartment rentals, Ryan thrived on the New Homes team, with whom he has been working since 2015.

Aadilah recently joined Stirling Ackroyd`s New Homes team after completing an initial degree in International Business and Chinese from SOAS University. Although she is relatively new to the industry, after three years in the city, she has a new perspective on the modern real estate market, driven by her passion for architecture and design. This, along with her customer-centric approach, made her a great addition to the team. When she`s not at work, Aadilah can be sought out for gems in East London`s charity shops! Our team works hard to support good causes that help disadvantage people in London and across the UK. We will continue to connect with local communities to help young people succeed and make the most of their opportunities. Sam joined the team at the mature age of 18 as the company`s youngest sales negotiator and has accumulated over a decade of knowledge in various areas of the real estate industry while specializing in residential and new construction sales. Having lived in Shoreditch for the last 10 years after leaving Brighton, his understanding of the East London property market is second to none. Known as Stirling Ackroyds in Jude Law`s internal double (we`ll let you decide), Sam likes to work hard and play harder. When he`s not grafting to the office, Sam can be with his fiancée and has a passion for food, soccer and snowboarding. Harry joined the team in 2021 and started with his knowledge of commercial real estate and his determination to find the perfect office for his tenants. When Harry is not spending his days in the Shoreditch office, he follows Arsenal.

After an extremely successful 5-year stint with the Stirling Ackroyd rental team, Harry joined the New Homes team to develop his in-depth understanding of the industry and strengthen his in-depth knowledge of East London. When he`s not perfecting the art of finding buyers for his dream home, he enjoys cooking, watching football and playing sports.

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