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Posted 27. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

PwC Legal Japan strives to establish and maintain trusting relationships with its clients by providing quick and effective solutions to legal issues, making the most of our extensive and diverse expertise and network. Follow the trends that matter to your business and shape the debate about how tax and legal systems should evolve. Over 3,600 lawyers in 90+ countries, giving you the ability to execute in territories and around the world. PwC Legal Japan supports companies that want to bring new value to the world by providing legal advice in increasingly important areas, such as Blockchain, Web 3.0, Metaverse and DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations). In recent years, the use of blockchain technology has expanded. For example, it is used practically not only in the field of payment and settlement, including crypto assets and stablecoins, but also in the fields of financial products with security tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) related to digital art, images and videos, and video game content. We expect the importance of blockchain technology to continue to increase in the future due to the rise of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. Since these are new areas and cross-border businesses, it is important to analyze the situation from different angles if you want to develop your business in these areas. Working with PwC Consulting LLC`s Blockchain Laboratory, other PwC Japan Group member firms and PwC`s global network, PwC Legal Japan offers services based not only on legal aspects, but also on perspectives such as technology, tax and accounting.

We strive to provide our clients with the best solutions through our knowledge and experience in the interdisciplinary breadth and depth of PwC`s global network. We bring our connected expertise in legal knowledge, business understanding and technological innovation to focus on our clients` future and discover new opportunities. Our lawyers regularly work with PwC`s tax advisors, accountants, transactional advisors and business advisors to ensure that the economics of our legal affairs are handled appropriately. Meet the lawyers who make up PwC Legal Japan`s legal team PwC Japan Group provides audit, advisory, tax and legal services to assist our clients in business development and. PwC Legal Japan provides timely newsletters on the latest legal topics, including ESG/sustainability law in the marketplace. Today`s business issues go beyond a legal perspective – you need a legal advisor who sees the big picture. From predicting the impact of regulatory, economic and political changes to managing social and technological change, we look at your challenges from a broader business perspective. You will receive integrated and practical advice that will guide you to the right strategic decisions and help you achieve your economic goals. We are a member firm of the PwC legal network with more than 3,700 lawyers in 100 countries. We offer general and international corporate law services.

In the context of the current framework conditions, our law firm works closely with member firms of PwC`s global network. We can quickly and efficiently provide you with high-quality professional services based on the latest legal, tax and accounting trends by cooperating with other PwC Japan member firms for Japanese domestic affairs and with foreign member firms in the respective fields for non-Japanese business. For global business in particular, we can provide seamlessly integrated legal services that are valuable to our clients in virtually any location where their firm operates, leveraging our extensive global network of more than 3,700 lawyers in more than 100 countries. Nowadays, the activities of companies and individuals easily cross borders and expand in all directions, and they are often involved in very complex projects that require various professional services that go beyond legal services and include tax, accounting and advisory services. We provide intensive support in structuring companies and in preparing terms of use based on the analysis of rights and obligations related to the holding and transfer of digital tokens; intellectual property rights relating to NFTs and the Metaverse; and financial laws and regulations. PwC Japan Group has teams of industry-specific professionals capable of providing clients with advanced solutions based on experience. Direct connection from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line, Tozai Line, Marunouchi Line, Mita Line: Otemachi Station, C6a Exit We advised a company considering the development of crypto-asset business in Japan on regulations related to crypto assets. We will continue to receive mailings as usual. However, the employee responsible for this mail may not receive it immediately. If you need quick action against the delivered item, please contact the appropriate contact person prior to shipment to ensure prompt receipt. We will limit the number of employees physically working in the office and continue remote work as much as possible. (The reception is open as usual.) Because we visit our clients or attend face-to-face meetings with the minimum number of employees, we recommend video conferencing, conference calls and emails for the safety of our clients and employees.

For more details on how to proceed with your projects, please contact your contact person at PwC Legal Japan.

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