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Penn Foster Legal Secretary Reviews

Posted 26. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

Overall, I am satisfied with this school. I`ve just started and it`s going pretty well, but be warned that any career certificate or diploma program you do won`t give you credits for it. So let`s say you are doing the Private Investigation Diploma Program like I do, you know that if you decide to do the Criminal Justice Associates with Pennfoster after that, there are no credits that are transferred because you just don`t earn credits while you are doing certificates or career diploma programs. Unlike regular community colleges, for example, most certificate programs have about 8 to 10 credits and degree programs range from 19 to 23 credits, Pennfoster certificates and diplomas are recognized (allowing them to be accredited), but you don`t get actual credits. I love Pennfoster, it gave me another chance to do something I`ve always known is important. Something I gave up, which was high school. My honest assessment is that I never had a big problem with school. When I started, I was excited and couldn`t wait to finish. I did one test after another while working a 12-hour shift with all the free time I have had.so that`s really what you put into it. It seems that the test for which I really took the time to study and read, I did it very well. But the ones I tried to scan, I wasn`t that hot, so I went back and did better.

I think if you read and take notes the first time, it can save you a lot of time. I`m almost done and I still have a task It`s only because I tried to cheat and had to do it But it`s my fault, not school. I get fully paid and had no issues.as as instructors, they were always helpful and always emailed me. I called because I was so excited to get my essay grade back so I could hurry up and finish the test that I cheated And the instructor said they had a lot of essays to score, so they haven`t had time yet, but will come soon. I got angry and told Master that I was just stopping. The teacher informed me that I was going too far and that I would be stupid to stop and she found someone to evaluate my work. Within 24 hours it meant a lot to me at the time as it showed me that she understood my feelings and that it was all about money. but this is only my 8th month because I took some time to invest in my niece a sweet 16.

Then I came back right away. Because I need it for myself and my future. I`ve read millions of reviews but these are mines I`ve enjoyed every moment and can`t wait to go to college!!!! This is my story Try it yourself 🙂 Verification can help real people write reviews about real businesses. Through Penn Foster Career School, students have the opportunity to earn a degree as a legal secretary. The Legal Secretary program consists of 12 sets of instructions that guide students through specialized courses to advance students in the legal secretary profession. The worst educational decision I ever made! Avoid avoiding Penny Foster!!!! Take the online community college 2 medical language credit – this will be more beneficial. When I signed up, I thought, “Online classes at my own pace and I`ve had time to finish the course,” “Cool, isn`t it?” However, what they don`t tell you is that you write 250 words every week on a specific topic like lupus, opioid receptors, MS, and then answer 150 words to 3 different peers while you`re in class. So searching takes time, and then formatting your paper – so a lot of work without credit hours or hours of training. Next, write your research paper. I had completed this course in 4 weeks – I hated every minute – wish I had never signed up – I tried to stop but had already completed two assignments, so it didn`t make sense to cancel money, so I kept going.

Please do yourself a favor – RUN – do your research – and call your local community college! If I had known that, I would have said no to Penn Foster. I took the online course in medical terminology. To prepare students for a first-line legal secretary position, I started a billing and coding course in April. I have completed three modules or courses so far and I have not yet entered the billing and programming part. It was extremely tedious to learn (by heart) the laws, ethics, etc. not only of billing and coding, but also of other positions in a medical setting. I have never received material in the mail as some here have, but I do not think they are doing more. They have online texts and flashcards that I haven`t used since elementary school. The tests I`ve done require you to phrase exactly the same way in online texts, rather than getting the right answer in your own words. I have medical experience as a medical laboratory technician, hemodialysis technician, doctor`s office, and physician assistant before I need a degree. I took a medical transcription and billing course over 30 years ago and it was one evening a week for three months.

So, I have some medical knowledge. I took this course because it was cheaper than other courses, but I`m not sure I can finish it, although I`ll keep trying. I wrote notes consisting of almost all the texts to take the test, otherwise you will have to wait at least a month before you can retake the tests. So far, I have been very disappointed. Penn Foster isn`t for everyone, but fortunately. This is school for me. I`m enrolled in the Vet Tech program and I love it! It`s an online school, an online program, but it`s not easy; It`s still the university. My most important piece of advice I can give to all students is to do some research BEFORE enrolling. Regardless of the program, always make sure you know Penn Foster`s policies, program requirements, government requirements, and any other information that applies to your career.

I see many students dropping out of their programs because they didn`t know what was expected of them. For example, internships and internships. Some programs do, some don`t. In the Vet Tech program, clerkship is mandatory, otherwise you won`t graduate. It is the student`s responsibility, not Penn Foster, to find their own location where they will do their internship. Students who did not do research before enrolling are usually the ones who are angry and leave negative reviews because they did not know they had to do an internship, had to find a supervisor or location on site, were unable to find an external location that has all the necessary equipment (i.e.

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