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Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs

Posted 25. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

We are guided by operating principles: integrity and the highest ethical standards; a commitment to excellence; continuously updated legal expertise; Professionalism; Creativity; informed decision-making; Prevention; Efficiency; Risk management; Teamwork; effective communication; courtesy and respect; Consensus; Punctuality; and professional growth. UP`s Office of the Vice President of Legal Affairs (OVPLA) is UP`s strategic partner for its clients by providing timely and specialized legal advice and guidance to university officials to support its educational goals and objectives. We are the source of system-wide legal representation, advice and guidance. Procedure for accepting service of procedural and other legal documents (updated 30. March 2021) Until further notice, CUNY accepts delivery of all legal documents, those of the University, constituent colleges and entities of the University, the CUNY Board of Directors, current employees of CUNY`s central office, the City University Construction Fund and the CUNY Public Service Commission to its main administrative office at 205 E. 42 Street (lobby). No other head office is authorized to accept services for these entities and individuals. Our office serves as legal counsel to Indiana University. We advise the administrators and administration of the university on legal matters and are the point of contact for all legal matters of the university. 1. Serve as a resource for informed decision-making and creative problem solving to facilitate the University`s pursuit of its mission of teaching, research and service; 2.

advise and support academic staff to ensure excellence in compliance with UP`s legal and ethical obligations; 3. Facilitate all aspects of transactions at the University, as required or required; 4. Representation of the University as legal counsel in judicial and administrative proceedings by representing and defending its interests, if necessary in legal matters; and 4. Serve as a point of contact for all interactions with other government agencies from time to time when circumstances warrant. This includes bringing a legal and ethical perspective and strategies to university decision-making and planning; Development of strategies and consultation on creative ways to establish and promote academic programs and cooperation on campus, in our state, nationally and internationally; resolution of legal issues; providing training on legal issues; University-wide representation on committees; provide further legal and ethical advice, guidance and representation; litigation management; managing the use of outside counsel; Representation of the university in national and state discussions on legal and policy issues; and in collaboration with the UT General Counsel`s Office and the Attorney General`s Office. Our office does not represent university administrators, faculty, staff, students or individuals in personal legal matters. UC Legal – The Office of the General Counsel (UCL) provides legal services to the University, including advocacy, advice, research and training. We also prepare legal opinions for the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff and others acting on behalf of the University.

We report jointly to the Board of Directors and the President. The goal of the OVPLA is to provide professional and reliable legal advice, guidance, and support, including: The Vice President of Legal Affairs is the General Counsel and General Counsel of the University of Texas at Austin and acts as chair, trustees, faculty, and staff members when acting within the scope of their employment. The Vice-President is also Chief Ethics Officer. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The materials contained on this website are for informational purposes for Indiana University`s faculty, staff, and students. Nothing on this website and its links should be construed as providing legal advice to our firm on any particular matter.

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