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Mobile Legal Action

Posted 23. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

Later that day, January 14, 2022, I TRIED calling 911 using my T-Mobile, Pure Talk (AT&T) and Spectrum Business internet phone. As usual, the 911 nurse had trouble hearing me with my 5G-enabled phones. Ironically, the best feature of all the phones above was my flashlight, which was used to determine if my wife had dilated pupils and was having a stroke. Unfortunately, this also comes with many cases where the company misbehaves, resulting in lawsuits and other lawsuits from consumers seeking justice. Please add me as we have been affected by this blatant hack and T-Mobile`s faulty security protocols! I was a T-mobile customer for over 5 years. We have a family plan of about 10 lines. Please add me too. Thank you As you delve into this legal language, you will find that the contract contains many additional restrictions, waivers, and restrictions. For example: I`ve been a T-Mobile customer for 10 years and yes, they charged us a lot of ridiculous fees that you`d think they`d appreciate customers staying with them for so long! AND THEY ALLOWED ONE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES TO ADD APPLE PHONES AND HEADPHONES TO OUR ACCOUNT, AND MADE US WAIT OVER A MONTH TO REMOVE IT FROM OUR BILL WHILE THEY DID AN “INVESTIGATION”, THEY DID NOTHING FOR US AND STILL CHARGE TOO MUCH WHILE THE SERVICE SUCKS OUR PARENTS WHO LIVE IN A RURAL AREA, BUT STILL VERY CLOSE TO CITIES. YOU DON`T CARE AND TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY! In the complaint, CWA and the workers allege that, through a thorough investigation, they have discovered that hundreds of employers and employment agencies illegally target their job postings on Facebook to exclude older workers who are not in certain age groups (e.g., 18 to 40 or 22 to 45) and intentionally prevent these older workers from seeing ads or searching for job postings. The complaint alleges that this practice violates federal, state, and local laws prohibiting age discrimination in job postings, recruitment, and hiring.

Verizon Wireless. I left Sprint and T-Mobile because of their billing practices and terrible service. They also sold me devices that weren`t compatible with any other carrier, essentially preventing me from switching companies to keep my phone using my iWatch, or forcing me to buy both again if I wanted another phone provider. No, it is not. I hate class actions even more. Because they handed over my data as part of the lawsuit, there will be another cyberattack on T-Mobile (and I`ll be the one to do it). Add me I`ve been with t-mobile for over 2 1/2 years. If you want to take legal action against your phone company, including arbitration, you can benefit from legal advice from an experienced consumer protection lawyer or arbitration lawyer.

I currently have a monthly subscription to/from T-Mobile. I was offered a tablet with a current phone bill. Lol, was charged over $300 for a 3g operating system. I contacted the service provider several times. They argue that it is a 5G LTE. The current tablet tells me it`s a 3G functional unit! Where can I register for the class action? T Mobile overcharged me 0p for years and told me there was a missed payment in April, so I went to T Mobile and they showed me that I had paid the bill, then they said I didn`t enjoy the benefits of Peo Ple plus the data breach to ember tey Please add me If you end up taking legal action, You can choose between small claims court or arbitration. A good consumer protection company can give you legal advice and help you understand your consumer rights so you can decide if a lawsuit makes sense for you. Sprint/Tmobile customer who was told his phones wouldn`t work if they launched 5G. For the most part, it was a lie trying to get us up to speed.

Until I told one of the reps that I couldn`t afford to replace the 5 phones, she told me they would work, but maybe not as well/quickly. Previously, they would talk to other employees and make it seem like I couldn`t use my phones, which stressed me out. We are living the same nightmare. You can`t reach their customer service, and if you do, they`re not helpful. It`s just “this is what you have to pay, and this is what you have to pay”. Who does such business? Only the crowd. How can we join a class action or initiate a class action? I`ve been at Verizon for almost 4 years, on my Digital Secure app and everything else, even my Apple app, tells me that my service provider is T-Mobile. I signed up for the civil lawsuit that said I was not eligible, despite the fact that I am disabled and sick, that I cannot receive calls, that I cannot change my password, that they change themselves. It is ongoing. Harassment is terrible. I`m really scared. I was beaten.

Aftercare. My find made me in several places I have a line. Verizon won`t help me. That`s since 2019. The way I don`t qualify is incomprehensible to me. I have evidence that would shake any lawyer. I left t mobile in 2017. And went to Boost. so T-Mobile arrives on my Digital Secure Dark Web as with my SS# my date of birth, my driver`s license, all that. Every month. I had to spend 1000 seconds on phones.

No one will help me. They call me to death. And nothing is done. I have been a T-Mobile customer for almost 2 years. Phone service was ok. I switched to 2 phones, requested and upgraded myself and my 14 year old son. After the Who process, I was told that the upgrade was no longer free and that it was too late to change my mind. I now have a $400 bill. Moreover, where the real problem is when the offered my Internet service.

A lot!! $50 per month and contract-free. I couldn`t do it at the time, but I came back. In July 2022, I received the first Internet Cylinder Silver Box. I quickly returned the Xfinity set-top box to Comcast, who charged me $95 just for internet. Contract terminated and final invoice paid. I am a single mother with no child support and this new Inter fits my budget. At first, it was a bit hectic, but doable. After a week of service, I realize that the Internet interruption was persistent. I called Servalzeit with this complaint. I have a spinning circle and cell phone problems at noon in the morning and evening.

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