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Legalny Repeater Gsm

Posted 15. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

As you can see, you don`t need to install illegal devices to improve the quality of connections in your area. Simply contact your carrier or change your phone settings. However, we don`t have to be condemned to surf the internet in the kitchen on the first floor because we have a router downstairs. It is reinforced by the WÅaÅnie repeater, which can buy it freely and use it freely. It does not start on sygnaÅu our sä siadom or household members, it is completely legal and moÅ 1/4emy go buy juÅ 1/4 for a few dozen Xeights. How does UKE discover illegal GSM repeaters? Inspections are organized – regularly or preceded by a report from a neighbour. This is justified – signal amplification is to the detriment of other users of the GSM network. If the signal near you is weak, it will be impossible for neighbors to call anywhere if you install a GSM repeater. As a result, there is a real risk that in a life-threatening situation, for example, it will not be possible to call an ambulance. In addition, very often these are devices without a certificate, installed by laymen, and such a combination can end very badly. KaÅ1/4dy, which enters the search engine hasÅo âpolepszenie sygnaÅu GSMâ, finds a so-called, repeater offer. Sä is a very popular reinforcement device in ÅrÓd uÅ1/4ytkownikÓw telefonii komÓrkowej.

Prices for their office are usually a few hundred zÅotych. However, you have to rememberÄtaÄ, Å1/4th naleÅ1/4y they do dokupiÄ takÅ1/4e antenÄ and wiring. Maåo, however, who knows Å1/4e the right to install, and uÅ1/4ytkowania this type of office is owned by telecommunications operators. While repeaters amplify the GSM signal, at least in the form of arbitrary installation and use, other such devices will be found in the moÅ1/4na network. DziaÅajÄ ce caåkiem legal. Of course, these are Wi-Fi signal extenders. Sometimes in our houses or apartments it is not possible to install a router in a suitable place, so that all rooms can have the appropriate level of signage. In turn, cutting the cable around the house misses the purpose of using Wi-Fi. The Electronic Communications Authority informs the police of cases of GSM repeaters being used illegally.

The police fined the SÄ du or nakÅada. Due to the threat of 1/4enia, the unauthorized recidivist UÅ1/4ytkowanie Repeater is liable to penalties: a fine of up to 1000 zÅotychon and in case of persistent action a sentence of restriction of liberty or deprivation of liberty of up to 2 years. Natural persons and economic operators who install and install transponders themselves do so illegally. Why is a sygnaÅu byÅ amplifier installed and configured by the operator? After all, arbitrary installations of this type cause very serious problems in the operation of mobile networks within a radius of up to a few kilometers: significant deterioration in the quality of production and even the disappearance of the signal. It is not difficult to imagine a situation in which the unauthorized installation of the uniemoÅ1/4limit repeater prompts a quick call for help from people within the radius generated by the device,” the UKE website reads. Self-assembly of the amplifier is illegal, even if the device has all the necessary certificates. Only the mobile operator is allowed to install a legal GSM repeater. See: UKE: GSM network INTERFERENCE often by illegal repeaters GSM signal boosters are devices whose task is to improve the quality of telephone services at the selected location. Due to the fact that there are places without seats, some uÅ1/4ytkownicy komÓrkowej próbujÄ go to buy, for example, on the Internet via a GSM/UMTS repeater, called GSM repeater rÓwnieÅ1/4.

Unfortunately, this device is not legal in the odróÅ1/4nieniu of the Wi-Fi range extender. The reason for the illegality of this type of equipment is m.in the fact that Å1/4e son uÅ1/4ywanie results in the GSM/UMTS band licensed in czÄstotliwoÅci en czÄstotliwoÅci, which is reserved for the telecommunications company. The broadcasting of radio in this Parliament by people who do not have this right is therefore an illegal act. Such an act is contrary to the Åad czÄstotliwoÅci and is to the detriment of other users of the GSM network, who may or may not have it on the GSM network. The amplifier installed in the seat causes telephone calls to stop, completely deprive subscribers of the ability to execute and receive them, and UniemoÅ1/4liwoÅnia data transmission in mobile networks. At the same time, the prospects of their Å1/4ycia and their health are potentially threatened by contacting the sÅuÅ1/4bs called for help. In recent weeks, the Miechów district police headquarters wpÅynÄÅy has been informed by the Bureau of Electronic Communications of the illegal publication of two-way radios. In this case, there are active explanations. In the meantime, be careful, it is illegal to arbitrarily use the GSM/UMTS mobile signal! Only telecommunications operators have the right to install and use signal repeaters, commonly known as GSM repeaters or GSM repeaters. According to the regulations in force in Poland, natural persons and companies that independently install and use repeaters do so illegally. Despite this, these devices are still used by unauthorized people and can be purchased in some electronics stores. The use of GSM/UMTS repeaters is only allowed by a telecommunications company that has a reservation for use via base stations.

If there is a problem with siÅÄ sygnaÅu, contact your network operator and ask you to install the appropriate device. Only the installation of the amplifier by the network operator guarantees that the problem of the signal in our environment will be solved without harming other mobile phone users* Inspections in the field of illegal amplifiers are carried out by the Office of Electronic Communications. If a violation of the law is detected, UKE informs the police who intervene in the case. Possession of an amplifier without the required permit is a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to 1000 zÅ. SÄ d moÅ1/4e declare yes to the revocation of the office. If the perpetrator persists, he is liable to prosecution and is liable to a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment of up to 2 years. Article 208 of the Telecommunications Act: www.uke.gov.pl/akt/nielegalne-wzmacniacze-gsm,253.html Unauthorized use of GSM repeaters is punishable: a fine of up to PLN 1,000 and, in case of persistent action, imprisonment or imprisonment of up to 2 years.

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