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Legal Tint Limit Virginia

Posted 13. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

So, before considering dyeing options for your vehicle, we recommend checking with your local dealership or auto store to make sure you don`t have any issues on the road. Yes, you can use the tint on the windshield in VA. But there is a law you must follow to avoid hassle. According to the Virginia Windshield Hue Law, you can use a non-reflective tint allowed above the manufacturer`s AS-1 line (or the top 5 inches). The answer to this question depends entirely on the region you live in and the blackness of your hue. Not only these two points, but your ticket fee may be based on a fine you`ve already had, such as previous warnings as well as tickets that clearly asked you to remove your hue. When you search for window tint options, you may see the term VLT from time to time. Virginia`s window tint laws are among the strictest in the United States. If you are caught tinting the window too dark, you could be fined up to $110. Passenger cars in Virginia are allowed to have rear windows with 35% VLT tints.

However, multi-purpose vehicles can have color tints in any VLT% on their rear windows. They must apply for a medical license, which allows drivers to tint their windows darker by law. As soon as a driver is registered, he receives a registration document, which he must have with him in his vehicles at all times. The card allows the driver to avoid unnecessary fines. In Virginia, cars (i.e. passenger cars such as sedans and coupes) can have a window tint of 50% VLT or brighter on the front side windows, i.e. those adjacent to the driver`s and shotgun seats, and can have a tint of up to 35% VLT on the rear side windows as well as on the rear windshield. This window shade can look reflective (or mirror) up to 20%, and note that the reflective tint means a slightly more efficient rejection of solar energy. The percentage of light allowed is different for those with medical conditions that need protection from sunlight or bright artificial light. These drivers must obtain pre-approved approval from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Once approved, they can tint their front side windows to block 65% of sunlight, compared to just 50% for those without medical problems. Each state meticulously has specific laws regarding window tint, and Virginia itself is extremely detailed in its own rules and regulations. A higher VLT means that a greater percentage of light can pass through the dye film, while a lower VLT means less is transmitted. The law regulates the amount of light that individuals must let into the vehicle as a percentage per type of window. For example, normal passenger cars can tint their rear side windows to leave at least 35% of the light, but the front windows must leave at least 50% of the light. Below, we describe exactly how every window and windshield can be tinted in the state of Virginia. In comparison, a VLT hue of 5% only allows 5% of the light through the darker film. The metric commonly used to measure tinted window films and light passage is called VLT or visible light transmission. Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer`s AS-1 line (or the first 5 inches). There are many reasons to tint windows, in fact, many advantages. They are as follows: In addition to the rules and regulations listed above, you should also make sure to adhere to the following Virginia color laws: Now that we`ve got into the basics, it`s time to get into the entrances and exits of Virginia`s laws on window hue.

Before we get into the details, it`s important to note that Virginia has different hue laws for other vehicles. If your windshield or glass does not comply with the law, you can expect a Class 3 offence, a $110 fine and the mandatory removal of unauthorized tint from the windows. Passenger cars must let in more than 35% light, while versatile vehicles can tone their rear windshield in the dark. Once approved, you can tone your windshields, front, rear and side windows by up to 35%. At Rayno Window Film we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best windshield shade for their cars.

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