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Posted 11. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

At The Health Law Firm, we focus exclusively on representing healthcare providers. Our health lawyers and paralegals have decades of experience in health law and health care. Our healthcare lawyers include healthcare lawyers, master`s graduates, former hospital consultants and licensed healthcare professionals. We know how important your ability to practice medicine is to you and other healthcare professionals, which is why we strive to help clients like you maintain their careers. Our lawyers have represented and worked with a number of companies and professional associations over the years, including the California Physical Therapy Association, the California Registered Veterinary Technicians Association and others. In addition to providing legal advice to associations on their own operational matters, our clients turn to us for advice on scope of practice, standards of practice, reimbursement, regulatory compliance, legislation and other matters. In addition, we advise ethics committees and peer review groups on investigations, hearings and the handling of charges against their members. We also work with our professional societies and client associations to provide legal assistance to their members, write articles for their journals and other publications, learn and act as experts on issues affecting their industries. Qualified recipients include pro bono attorneys, law firms, and corporate law departments working with an existing or developing MLP location. Law societies, pro bono legal aid projects, law schools and other legal institutions whose members have collectively made an outstanding contribution to one or more of the criteria are also eligible.

A person with the legal authority to act on behalf of the deceased or the estate (not limited to those who have the authority to make health care decisions) The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes a foundation of state-protected rights that allow individuals to control certain uses and disclosures of their protected health information. In addition to these rights, the Privacy Rule provides individuals with the ability to access and amend this information, as well as the right to settle certain disclosures. The Department recognizes that individuals may be legally or otherwise unable to exercise their rights or simply choose to appoint another to act on their behalf with respect to those rights. Under the rule, a person authorized (under state law or other applicable law, such as tribal or military law) to act on their behalf when making health care decisions is the person`s “personal representative.” Paragraph 164.502(g) specifies when and to what extent the personal representative is to be treated as an individual for the purposes of the rule. In addition to these formal designations of a personal representative, 45 CFR Rule 164.510(b) addresses situations where family members or others involved in health care or payment for personal care may obtain protected health information about the person, even if they are not expressly authorized to act on behalf of the individual. The ABA has established a national support centre to further expand the reach of this exciting model of legal service delivery. In particular, the need for significant involvement of the private bar association in support of the medical-legal partnership model is seen as critical to the growth of these projects across the country. The KU School of Law Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) is a collaboration between the KU School of Law and two health systems: the University of Kansas Health System at KU Medical Center in Kansas City and LMH Health in Lawrence. Under the supervision of experienced MLP lawyers, students help with free transactional legal assistance for low-income patients and their families. We want every healthcare organization in the United States to use legal services as a standard part of how they respond to social needs. The National Centre for Forensic Partnership leads education, research and technical support efforts to achieve this goal.

Simas & Associates, Ltd. provides a full range of legal services to healthcare providers of all types throughout the State of California. Our experienced lawyers are dedicated not only to advancing our clients` business and professional goals, but also to developing and finding optimal solutions to their specific challenges and problems.

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