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Legal Jobs Cobb County Ga

Posted 8. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

Specialized experience is defined as experience reviewing documents with legal implications for accuracy and completeness (e.g. court documents, real property). The Legal Assistant provides advanced legal secretarial and administrative support services to lawyers, paralegals, secretaries and other colleagues in the sector. Job Description: The successful candidate is responsible for providing legal assistance to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and ensuring compliance with federal and state laws with respect to assigned program areas, as well as answering questions from the OIG and providing instructions to the OIG. Experience in regulatory or administrative law is preferred. Ensure that TDAs/CDAs are reviewed by the judiciary within a reasonable period of time. Review key contract terms to ensure they comply with company policies and facilitate revisions. The Deputy Regional Advocate represents the Social Security Administration when the agency`s decisions are subject to judicial review by a federal court. The Deputy Regional Counsel also advises and represents the Agency in employment disputes before the EEOC, MSPB and labour arbitrators. There are also opportunities for lawyers to handle a variety of other legal issues, including privacy and disclosure, civil liberties, and federal tort claims. To apply: Qualified candidates must submit a cover letter and an updated curriculum vitae with the subject of Juvenile Court – Appointment as a Superior.CourtJobs@fultoncountyga.gov Judge.

The application deadline is Friday, October 21. assistance in drafting and serving legal acts. Cite checking, fact-checking and copy legal briefs and other legal documents, research, reports and others. To apply: Send your CV and cover letter to ordavis@dekalbcountyga.gov. Account Manager The candidate will have meaningful conversations with people considering divorce to describe how legal services can help them. These can be done in person, over the phone, or via Zoom. Reassure the potential client that the firm will be able to help them show compassion for their problems and explain how we can improve their life. Keep in touch with people considering divorce to keep the door open f. Job Summary: Duties include acting as counsel and legal advisor to state agencies, departments, agencies, and the governor; The specific tasks depend on the department.

Job Description: The purpose of this classification is to review, investigate, charge, and prosecute or solve criminal matters on behalf of the citizens of Fulton County. Positions in this classification typically perform entry-level professional legal work under strict supervision and can help prosecute cases of common complexity. conduct legal research necessary to analyze and evaluate the student`s client`s case; negotiate with other parties on behalf of the student client; Research. Job Description: The purpose of this classification is to provide legal advice to assigned departments, boards, elected officials and employees. This classification differs from that of the Assistant District Attorney for County I in that public office holders in this category have five years of legal experience and are expected to be able to represent the interests of clients related to Fulton County with limited oversight and considerable autonomy. To apply: Complete applications must include a curriculum vitae, a copy of an official law school transcript, a legal writing sample (preferably a legal brief) and a cover letter. Veterans eligible for a Veteran preference must indicate this in a cover letter and submit a copy of DD214. Applicants must indicate their current active membership in the Bar Association on their resume. Job Description: The purpose of this classification is to review, investigate, charge, and prosecute or solve criminal matters on behalf of the citizens of Fulton County. This classification differs from the series in that it performs managerial functions and supervises the work or workload of other lawyers or investigative and legal staff.

Positions in this classification are assigned to prosecution as senior counsel in highly complex and serious high-level crime cases, which may include murder, crimes against women or children, crimes of public integrity or appellate cases. Director, Legal Affairs and Deputy General Counsel The candidate will act as lead counsel on various matters related to TAA North America, providing legal advice and guidance. The Assistant General Counsel – TAA North America is led and supported by senior counsel hired for the TAA Group. In addition, the Assistant General Counsel – TAA North America will serve as lead legal support to the President and CEO of TAA North Ameri. Family Law Paralegal The candidate`s responsibilities include: Excellent preparation of all case documents, including complaints, responses, requests, responses, leaves, conflict notices, rules, settlement agreements, parenting plans, child support worksheets, orders, final judgments and post-judgment tasks such as waivers and income deduction orders; Organization and completion of process service, even in the case of difficult and evasive adverse parties; Submit it. Major League Baseball Business & Technology`s legal team oversees the legal aspects of a variety of domestic and international situations. Review of data/outputs in response to valid legal requests; As the Legal Operations Coordinator, you will review, review and coordinate legal requests. Must be 3+ years old as a legal assistant in a private law firm or government office. Good knowledge of legal terminology and ability to integrate this knowledge on. The Deputy Prosecutor is responsible for preparing legal opinions, contracts and other legal documents; drafting legislation; Conduct extensive legal research in many areas of law; Representation of the district in various administrative and judicial proceedings; and dealing with various legal issues that arise on a daily basis and affect the county. Knowledge, skills and abilities: The Deputy Prosecutor should be familiar with the following principles, procedures and concepts: The main objective of this position is to provide real estate and construction services in terms of day-to-day operations and news. Create and maintain the filing of legal issues and vendor records on legal technology platforms; Evaluate and improve electronic records throughout the life of the.

In-depth knowledge of the most important legal concepts and negotiation levers.

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