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Posted 5. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

Josh Dubin is President of Dubin Research and Consulting, Inc. (DRC), a Manhattan-based consulting firm specializing in jury selection, compelling visual aids, and litigation strategies for complex civil and criminal cases. Josh is perhaps considered the most important litigation strategy and jury advisor in the country, having received praise from some of the most accomplished members of the civil and criminal divisions. As an attorney and member of the Florida Bar, Josh regularly works with some of the most successful lawyers and law firms in the country, including Winston & Strawn, Quinn Emanuel, Holland & Knight, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, Roy Black, Barry Scheck, Jay Eisenhofer, Jerry Shargel, Jerry Lefcourt and Peter Neufeld. His experience as an experienced litigator with a background in applied social psychology (focused on jury selection and group decision dynamics) has served as the foundation for DRC`s paradigm – providing sophisticated and original analytical advice, integrating the most innovative legal and social psychology strategies into the specific context of jury trials, disputes and alternative dispute resolution. Andrew Klein has been a trial technology consultant for over 20 years and has worked with lawyers on more than 200 disputes, arbitrations and hearings across the country. Andrew has worked on numerous high-profile securities, patents, and contracts matters, as well as class actions, torts and more. Recent prosecutions include State of New York et al. v. Deutsche Telekom Ag et al., Robert Kirkman, et al. v.

v. AMC Film Holdings LLC, et al., Melendres v. Arpaio et al. (Sheriff Joe Arpaio Contempt Hearing) and Starr v. United States. Andrew lectures and trains on electronic process presentations and has been a lecturer at Arizona State University College of Law. He has also written articles on electronic process presentations for several legal publications, including the New Jersey Law Journal. After attending the University of New Mexico and before entering the field of process support, Andrew worked as a sound engineer, producer and screenwriter and has extensive experience in sound editing. He found that this expertise has often been a useful tool for some studies.

Anna McEnroe is a litigation strategist at DRC. Anna assists with case taking, conducts legal research, analyzes jury and focus group research, and implements this analysis in litigation strategy recommendations. Anna has been interning at DRC for almost two years and works closely with process strategists in a variety of cases. Anna received her bachelor`s degree in English and political science from the University of Southern California and is currently in her final year of law school at Fordham University. Legal advisors are lawyers hired by law firms to assist them in a particular case or legal matter. They are often experts in a particular area of law, such as real estate, business, or healthcare. This qualifies them as advisors to companies that may not have much experience in a particular type of law. Legal advisors are responsible for advising clients on complex legal issues, clarifying the case and making suggestions for further action. Legal counsel usually advise only in private and not in the courtroom.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) is currently accepting proposals from individuals to act as independent contractors for various projects related to NACDL`s Capital Case Litigation Initiative (CCLI). Contractors may propose some or all of the following objectives: (1) to provide ongoing technical assistance to Capital Defence Teams that have participated in Bring Your Own Case (BYOC) training programs; (2) providing targeted training and technical assistance to defence offices with regard to representation in the capital; and (3) conducting web-based online training programs for Capital Defence Teams. Applicants must be either a lawyer licensed in their state, an organization of lawyers with extensive experience in handling death penalty cases, or have verifiable cases or thorough investigations of capital punishment. Candidates must have experience in training defenders in the capital. The advisors will act as NACDL training and assistance advisors on the death penalty, funded by the BJA Fellowship. Prior to joining DRC, Marleny worked at Ginarte Gallardo Gonzalez Winograd LLP as a legal secretary and receptionist, overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring proper procedures and customer satisfaction. Marleny also worked at the San Carlos Hotel in Manhattan as a receptionist and concierge in customer service, where she professionally resolved all customer issues and complaints. Wendy DuBoff is an information design artist at DRC. After completing her master`s degree in computer animation at New York University, she taught 2D and 3D animation at NYU, Cooper Union, and Hunter College. Wendy spent the next few years hosting for various television and film companies in New York City, including four years as a graphic designer at CBS Network News, where she hosted shows such as CBS Sunday Morning, The Early Show, The Evening News, and CBSSports.com.

Wendy has recently focused on graphic design, including conceptual design, illustration and animation of visual demonstrations for several legal graphic organizations. As a print and digital designer, Wendy has worked with several national and international nonprofits, including the ALS Association of Greater New York City, Farm Sanctuary, RTI, and United Way. Deicy Cordero-Andrade is an information design artist at DRC. His areas of expertise include illustration, concept design and visual demonstrations for print and digital products. Prior to joining DRC, Deicy worked on a variety of projects as a freelance designer and paralegal at a personal injury law firm. Deicy received his Bachelor of Technology in Visual Communications from New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn. Yesenia has over ten years of experience in executive support and office management in various industries. Prior to joining DRC as Executive Assistant to Josh Dubin, she supported several executives at Ross Stores and led the training department at Safety Dynamics.

Yesenia graduated from SUNY Stony Brook with a BA in Linguistics and a double minor in Spanish and French. She holds certifications in interpretation and translation in medical and legal contexts and has volunteered as a patient interpreter at Mount Sinai Eye and Hearing Clinic in New York City. Prior to joining DRC, Greg worked for ten years as a litigator at an international law firm. He has represented national and multinational clients in a variety of complex litigation, with a particular focus on intellectual property and technology litigation. Greg has represented clients in state and federal courts across the country, as well as in various government agencies including ITC, FCC, FDA, and USPTO. His practice covered all aspects of case preparation and management, including preliminary inquiries, factual and expert investigations, process preparation and trials. Greg has also served as General Counsel for a legal aid organization, where he provided immigration, housing and labour services. He received his J.D. from Harvard Law School.

He recently co-authored a book called The Law of Juries for Thomson Reuters, which called him a “master strategist” and a “secret weapon.” His co-author, former US federal judge Nancy Gertner, congratulated him, saying: “He masters the details of the case perfectly, bringing not only the legal analysis, but also the teachings of social psychology, his multiple areas of expertise.” Jawad Amir Musa is a legal assistant in the DRC. A native of Baltimore, MD, he grew up in Baltimore`s Lexington Terrace housing project, portrayed in the HBO documentary series “The Wire.” In 1991, after several missteps in life, Jawad was sentenced to mandatory life for a nonviolent drug offense. With endless time, Jawad decided to retrain mentally and spiritually and spent most of his time in the prison`s education department, where he received university credits in business, management, business administration, and marketing. Jawad obtained 52 school certificates while in detention. He also found solace in the law library, where he worked as a trainee lawyer and became adept at writing legal requests for himself and others. Jawad also spent his time in prison caring for young inmates. After spending more than 29 years in prison, Jawad`s sentence was commuted by the President of the United States and he was released from prison on January 21, 2021. For the purposes of the training program and this grant, NACDL is supported by the National Consortium for Capital Defense Training (the “Consortium”). NACDL, in collaboration with partners and with the support of the consortium, coordinates bring your own case training programs for the capital`s defense teams, as well as curriculum development and refinement, trainer selection and materials development.

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