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Legal Clubbing Age in Korea

Posted 5. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

In this article, we share with you the updated information about the legal drinking age in South Korea that you may need to know. While 19 may seem like a strange age to drink, it`s the same as in many Asian countries – for example, it`s close to the drinking age in Japan. In most countries around the world – with the exception of the United States, where the legal drinking age is 21 – 18 is the norm. So South Korea is somewhere in the middle. But if you`re new to the Seoul clubbing scene and don`t know what to expect, there are a few tips, like how Koreans flirt and which clubs are best for your age group. The legal drinking age in South Korea is 19. Many people here are usually not asked to give their identity until they can drink in local bars and restaurants or simply buy alcohol in a supermarket. Especially if you live outside of Seoul, you can be sure that the legal rules regarding the minimum drinking age will be enforced even less strictly. Drink I can almost guarantee that they will not identify you, Clubbing: No, they will identify you and you will not be able to enter until January 1, 2019 While many people really like to drink beer or soju, the legal drinking age in Korea can be confusing compared to other countries, because as we know, Korean age is different from international age.

that you could use in your country. I am planning a trip to Korea with friends in late 2017/early 2018, my date of birth is 30.06.2000. Can I go to clubs and drink in Korea? Although the legal drinking age is not strictly enforced in South Korea, keep in mind that it is always best to follow the law when you are abroad. Underage drinking is somewhat limited by bartenders` reluctance to serve alcoholic beverages to young people. If you are a foreigner traveling to South Korea and visiting certain bars or nightclubs, especially in Seoul, you can be sure that they will ask for your identity, passport or proof of age before you can enter these bars and nightclubs. If you work as a U.S. military in South Korea or are currently stationed in South Korea, the legal drinking age is actually 21, which is your international age. However, keep in mind that the Korean age system is slightly different – for Koreans, you have 1 year old once you are born. This means that the drinking age for international visitors is actually 19. Meanwhile, the legal drinking age for U.S. soldiers stationed in Korea is 21. This is different with the local legal drinking age for ordinary people in South Korea, as South Korea enforces and follows U.S.

law regarding the legal drinking age of the U.S. military stationed in South Korea. The dress code differs depending on where you are clubbing. Hongdae club lovers wear a more casual streetwear uniform (think hypebeast aesthetic), while Gangnam clubs are stricter and guys have to appear in suits. The usual dress code still applies; Women should avoid open shoes, and men should not wear shorts. Make sure you are of legal drinking age in Korea for your own safety and the safety of others. However, you can still enjoy a great time and fun nightlife in South Korea, whether you can drink alcohol or not, because there are many other things besides drinking in South Korea. If you are still wondering about the legal drinking age using the international age, then the legal drinking age in Korea for foreigners using the international age counting system is about 19 for most people. With this list of clubbing tips in mind, it`s time to fend off those soju bombs and party in Seoul! As you see in Korean drama or Korean movie, they almost always drink soju or maekju as a drink for everything they eat during lunch or especially dinner. Beer really helps us relax, especially after our hectic and stressful time at work, it really helps us sleep better and let go of our anxiety and problems. The legal drinking age in South Korea is not enforced as strictly as in Western countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom. Eat KBBQ for dinner near clubbing hot spots to fill your stomach before drinking.

Get drunk with soju bombs at the restaurant or go to the nearest supermarket (U.C. and 7-11) for ~S$1 soju bottled. Just make sure you follow the rules and if you are not of legal drinking age in South Korea, make sure you don`t try to break the rules, follow them and make sure everyone including you is sure you don`t want to have a problem with the government when traveling or studying in South Korea. As in many other countries, you must show that you have reached a certain age before you can buy alcohol or enter certain bars and clubs, whether you are Korean or foreign traveling or living only in South Korea. South Korea, especially Seoul, is really known for its lively and crazy nightlife and drinking culture almost everywhere in every restaurant, especially in the chicken coop. Many people usually have a few beers or soju at the supermarket and spend time with friends at home or other places just to have good conversations. Before we tell you about the legal drinking age in Korea, you must first understand the age counting system we use in Korea. In South Korea, everyone internationally is one to two years older than the age of birth. Have you ever had a tricky situation when it comes to drinking or entering bars or clubs in Korea? Let us know in the comments below! To be more precise and precise, starting on January 1 of the year in which he reaches the age of 20, every adult can legally drink alcohol, since everyone adds a year at the beginning of the new year of each year. On 29.06.2019 you would be legally 18 years old, but in terms of calendar you would be 20 years old. Age in South Korea is traditionally calculated by year of birth, not exact date of birth, so by midnight on January 1, the more than 51 million people who live here actually live an extra year. For those who reach the age of 20 in Korea, the legal drinking age is midnight, when the door opens for nights when clubs and soju shots are legally shot.

The simplest answer to this question is that the legal drinking age in South Korea is 20, using the Korean counting age. This also applies to all nightclubs in Korea. This means that the year you can drink alcohol is exactly the year you can enter most nightclubs in South Korea. Otherwise, every South Korean ages a year every day of the Lunar New Year. However, solar New Year`s Day is recognized instead of Lunar New Year for most people living in modern South Korea. “I`m just sad for them,” said Park Hyo Ju, a biologically aged 34-year-old law student. In bustling Seoul neighborhoods like Hongdae and Gangnam, going out late for the first time — and legally — is a “big deal,” she said.

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