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Legal Aid in Colorado

Posted 3. November 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

The Legal Center for the Disabled and Elderly The Legal Center is an independent, non-profit organization specializing in civil rights and discrimination. They protect the human, civil, and legal rights of people with intellectual and physical disabilities, people living with HIV, and older adults throughout Colorado. Call (303) 722-0300 for more information or click here to access the Law Centre website. Rocky Mountain Children`s Law Center The Rocky Mountain Children`s Law Center (RMCLC) was established in 1981 to address the lack of quality legal representation for abused and neglected children in Colorado. The center`s programs include foster parent advocacy, addiction and neglect advocacy, crisis calls, and domestic violence advocacy. Call (303) 692-1165 for more information or click here to visit RMMC website. Colorado Innocence Project (CIP) receives requests for assistance from individuals who believe they have been convicted even though they are innocent of a crime, and evaluates those requests to determine whether there are factual and legal grounds to return to court with the claims. If the CIP becomes aware of a case that merits further investigation, the case is referred to volunteer attorneys for further evaluation, who may be assisted by Colorado law students. For more information, call (303) 492-4620 or email coloradoinnocenceproject@colorado.edu.

Bankruptcy Clinic Website: www.denbar.org/Public/Legal-Clinics Location: United States Bankruptcy Court, 721 19th Street, Room 341, Denver, CO 80202 Contact: (303) 860-1115 Description: This clinic is designed for the litigant`s surrogate. They will help participants understand the bankruptcy process and forms. Topics include how insolvency can eliminate debt, the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, the impact on credit scores, and the forms required for filing. Issues of creditor harassment, what a debt collector can`t tell you, and how to fight back if you`re being harassed are also discussed. The clinics will not offer explicit legal advice or directly assist with the completion of forms. Free legal clinic sponsored by Colorado Poverty Law Project Website: www.copovertylawproject.org/ Contact: (303) 293-2217 Description: If you would like to meet with a lawyer, please arrive at 3:30 p.m., log in and wait for your name to be called from 4:00 p.m. Licensed and experienced attorneys from the Denver area will be on hand to provide one-on-one advice and advice on legal matters. Please note that counsel are not affiliated with the Coalition and the Coalition accepts no responsibility for the quality or accuracy of advice provided by counsel. By agreeing to meet with you, lawyers do not necessarily agree to represent or advise you on a particular case. University of Colorado School of Law Clinics Colorado Law School clinics provide legal services to many community members who otherwise would not be able to hire a lawyer.

The school sponsors the following clinics: American Indian Law Clinic, Appellate Advocacy Clinic, Civil Practice Clinic, Criminal Defense Clinic, Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, Family Law Clinic, Juvenile Law Clinic, Natural Resources Law Clinic, Technology Law and Policy Clinic. Click here or call (303) 492-8126 to learn more about Colorado legal clinics. Douglas County Pro Se Divorce and Post Order Clinic Contact: Call (303) 663-7266 for more information. Description: The Douglas County Pro Se Divorce Clinic is a free clinic for parties who do not have a lawyer and are in the event of a marriage dissolution, legal separation or post-judgment. All walk-in visitors are welcome and supported on a first-come, first-served basis. Appointments are also possible. The Pro Se clinic is for informational purposes only and does not replace legal representation. The clinic`s volunteer lawyers do not represent you because of your participation in this clinic.

You have the right to engage a lawyer of your choice at any time during your case and it is recommended that you do so. Pro Se litigants helped fill out forms and general information on divorce and post-trial issues. Questions about protection orders and domestic violence issues are also welcome. Garfield County Free Legal Clinics Contact: (970) 945-8858 Description: Free 15-minute consultations with volunteer attorneys on legal issues related to family and children, housing, bankruptcy, consumer issues, etc. For low-income residents. No advice on traffic or criminal matters. Many people who work in Pitkin/Aspen County but live in the valley use this service. Spanish translators available.

Collections Clinic website: www.denbar.org/Public/Legal-Clinics Location: Denver City and County Bldg. 1437 Bannock Street, Denver, CO, Rm. 117 Contact: (303) 860-1115 Description: This free information clinic offers advice on collecting a small claims judgment. General questions are welcome, but clinics will not offer explicit legal advice or directly assist with filling out forms. Legal clinics are information sessions (usually free) where you can meet with a lawyer or other lawyer to get information about a particular area of law. Many clinics refer to other legal agencies or organizations that may be able to offer additional help. There are many free and/or low-cost legal clinics in Denver and throughout Colorado. Some clinics offer one-on-one care, while others are more focused on conferences or groups. Many are available in Spanish or have translators available. Please read the information about each clinic to decide if it is right for you.

It is highly recommended that you contact any clinic you are interested in to check services, dates and times. Some clinics may have restrictions or require you to register before participating. Call an attorney sponsored by Weld County Legal Services, Inc. Contact: (970) 351-7300 × 4514 Description: Local attorneys answer calls from the public. A Spanish-speaking lawyer or interpreter is available. If you have a legal problem or are unsure and need to ask someone, you can talk to a lawyer for free by calling. Montrose County Free Legal Advice Night sponsored by the 7th Judicial Bar Association and Uncompahgre Volunteer Legal Aid Contact: (970) 249-7202 For more information Description: Talk to a lawyer The free program is designed for low-income residents who need answers to civil law questions. No criminal or traffic cases can be discussed.

Call ahead if you need an interpreter. Bring all your documents and questions. The University of Denver Student Law Office helps provide legal services to low-income individuals and people from underserved communities. Learn more about Strum College of Law The main goal of JAMLAC staff is to provide holistic support and legal representation to poor people in the Denver subway. JAMLAC works with various organizations that focus on homelessness and homelessness. Colorado Legal Services-Migrant Farm Workers Division This division of the Colorado Legal Services Organization provides free noncriminal legal aid to low-income individuals throughout Colorado. This service focuses on representing agricultural workers who have the following problems: Finding legal advice can be a daunting task, especially given the rising cost of legal services. This list includes organizations and legal services available to Colorado residents. The list is divided into a number of categories and includes brief descriptions to help you determine which organization or service may be available to find the legal help you need. Although the information on this page has been well documented and verified at the time of writing, please note that services, dates and times are subject to change. Please contact the organization or department you are interested in directly to view the information on this page. The following Denver Bar Association clinics provide an overview of legal processes and legal forms and are for those who wish to represent themselves.

They are just the big picture. Volunteer lawyers cannot provide Colorado Farmworkers Project to provide advocacy and legal representation to agricultural workers. Domestic Violence Clinic Contact: (303) 621-2701 to make an appointment or come to the clinic for first-come, first-served care. Description: This free clinic works with a social worker from the Women`s Crisis and Family Outreach Center with a volunteer advocate to address the legal and other support needs of victims of domestic violence. Residents of Elbert and Lincoln counties are served. Family Court Program (FFR) website: www.denbar.org/Public/Legal-Clinics description: This free information clinic provides an overview of the divorce process (with and without children) and related forms. Volunteer lawyers provide information about filing for divorce without the help of a lawyer and cover divorce procedures and forms, custody, child support, alimony and asset division. Participants must bring forms to the clinics (available from the court, on the court website – click here or from Bradford Publishing). This clinic is for informational purposes only and questions are welcome, but answers are usually limited to options the person should consider. These clinics do not provide legal advice or representation and do not directly assist in completing court forms. Disability Law Colorado protects and promotes the rights of people with disabilities and older adults in Colorado through direct legal representation, advocacy, education, and legislative analysis.

Colorado Legal Services Colorado Legal Services (CLS) is a non-profit organization that has been serving low-income and seniors in the state of Colorado for over 75 years.

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