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Posted 31. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

A free walk-in consultation with a lawyer is usually available every Monday afternoon between 14:00 and 15:00 in our office in Curacao. You can either register for a session in advance or simply try your luck by showing up unannounced. During such a meeting, a lawyer will always be present for your legal advice. The lawyer present will check if your request can be processed on site, if a follow-up session is necessary or if a referral needs to be made. Whether it`s a single legal issue or a full-fledged court case that looks you in the face, you have a legal problem and need someone in your corner. “When I started this firm, I defined our offer as ultra-personalized, precise, exclusive, simple and cost-effective legal advice, supported if necessary by representation in legal proceedings. Like other industries, law firms need to be agile and adapt to ever-changing consumer trends, especially in these unpredictable times. While the legal industry has always respected tradition, innovation is a necessity, it is the key to survival in our rapidly changing world. As a result, we have invested in business development and the right customer relationship management solution for professional services firms. This app allows us to focus even more on the specific needs of our clients and prospects and is fully equipped to provide end-to-end client-centric legal services and advice. In recent years, we have seen a significant growth in potential claims or alleged directors` liabilities due to the increased active oversight role of local central banks in the various Caribbean jurisdictions. In addition, the fact that legal work is becoming increasingly cross-border and complex on an international scale makes us new generation lawyers combining legal expertise and professional experience from both continents. In terms of practice, we have seen growth in some specific legal areas such as employment and pensions and even more in our Corporate/M&A practice in a specialist area such as corporate governance and with several significant high-level mandates for corporate transactions and restructurings.

Our Banking & Finance practice continues to be involved in all high-value financing transactions, while our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team continues to be involved in all high-profile litigation and historical litigation in the Dutch Caribbean. In terms of practice, we have seen growth in some specific areas of law, such as employment and pensions and governance, risk and compliance. Our Corporate/M&A team has advised on several large and high-profile mandates for cross-border transactions and complex corporate restructurings (some of which have unfortunately been put on hold for strategic/economic reasons and are therefore not mentioned in this filing). Our Banking & Finance practice continues to be involved in many high-quality cross-border financing transactions, while our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team continues to be involved in all high-profile litigation and historical litigation in the Dutch Caribbean. Finally, our Intellectual Property and Data Protection department increasingly advises on a wide range of IP and data protection law matters, while our Patent and Trademark Office continues to manage the IP portfolios of domestic and international clients. Therefore, we fully understand the dynamics of international and cross-border business. VAN EPS continues to distinguish itself with authentic and unparalleled specialist legal advice throughout the Dutch Caribbean region. Financial institutions, large national and international companies as well as government agencies are among the company`s strong customer base. The lawyers in our firm are specialists with expertise in their field (almost all other law firms in our Caribbean region are general practitioners). All of our lawyers are able to fully represent their respective clients in these jurisdictions. Standard qualifications are usually questions of general law that cannot be discussed in the abstract, but could affect the effectiveness of the applicability of the transaction.

For example, most opinions will indicate that if the foreign party goes bankrupt, it will limit the ability to perform the obligations against it. Similarly, rights may be lost if statutory limitation periods expire. In some countries, performance of obligations may be linked to obligations of good faith and fair dealing, to which foreign legal advice will generally refer restrictively. All of the firm`s lawyers are specialists with expertise in their respective fields. Each of our lawyers is able to fully represent their clients in the Dutch Caribbean. A Curacao legal opinion will generally express opinions on various matters that are not normally governed by the laws of Curacao under their own conflict of laws system. Since a cross-border transaction can be reviewed by the courts of a number of countries, the addressees of the notice want to be sure that all relevant issues, if determined by the legislation of Curaçao, are likely to be satisfactorily resolved. Someone who brings clarity and explains your position to you in the words we learn from our parents; Not in the word spaghetti, for which the legal profession is notorious. BBV Legal is a leading law firm in the Dutch Caribbean headquartered in Curacao. He provides legal services to local and international businesses, governments, private clients and not-for-profit institutions.

Lawyers advise and plead in all areas of civil and administrative law and are recognized for their expertise and personal approach to handling cases.

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