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Law of Attraction Dream Job Success Stories

Posted 29. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

After quitting my job for a year, I decided to go back to a job and continue in the same field. I participated in your program of 28 magic exercises. And I did my first interview. I was a little nervous and scared before the interview, and then I read your article about the success of the interview. This is something that many people who are trying to work with the Law of Attraction get stuck with and want or try to control the details of their manifestation. I find that it really blocks the creative process. We must entrust such peculiarities to the universe and not have such a firm grip on the aspects surrounding the unfolding of what we want to bring completely into our lives. What looked like devastation to a spectator was actually my unfolding protest. We do our part, and the universe does the rest. Trust the universe as its share, for it will take care of everything much better than you can or could ever imagine. “My work visa was coming to an end and I really didn`t want to go back to Australia after living in London for two years.

I was convinced that I would have a better chance of starting a musical career in London. Michael convinced me to give up my resistance to giving up, and I`m glad I did because it changed my life considerably. After years of unfortunate work in corporate communications in Australia and London, I auditioned and was accepted into a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance at home in Brisbane. I am now a jazz singer who performs regularly and teaches singing and piano – my dream job! I have also just been invited as a guest singer to a prestigious concert in Osaka, which will take place in March. All expenses paid. I love my life back home in Australia and can`t wait to go back to London for concerts. Thank you very much! I am very grateful for the work you do. “I am a writer and I decided to follow your techniques to find my purpose in life. In the visualization, I continued to “see” my book in the Waterstone bookstore – I wasn`t trying to see it, the vision was just coming to me – I could see the title, the color and even the font used during the writing. A few days later, a friend told me she had a “dream vision” about me.

She saw a store full of my books! When I asked her to describe what they looked like, she described exactly what I saw! “I`m a writer who never had much success, and I had enough. I had read about how writers start writing – and as far as I`ve seen all this advice, it seemed that “divine inspiration” was how the best and most influential material seemed to come, like everything else: the Twilight books came to the author in a living dream, and Harry Potter was “downloaded” on a train ride to JK Rowling. They really didn`t do anything – they just went on with their lives and left the inspiration. It reminds me of the list of universes – where I have “my side” and my role is to carry on and leave the rest to the universe. I love this process, so I decided to apply it to my writing. “Download me an amazing book and get me an amazing book offer”, “Make the process fun and enjoyable”. As a result, I decided to take a step back – and in a short time, an idea came to me while I was out one night, just three weeks later I wrote a chapter (or rather, it seemed to write itself) and now I have a literary agent with a contract on the way. Fourteen years of “trial” vs “rental”. Thank you for the inspiration and tools you share so I can connect with my inner wisdom.

The key is to stay positive about your dreams, be grateful and willing to manifest your dream job. Always remember that the possibilities are endless. I wish you success and unlimited happiness. Today, I`m sharing five stories of dream job protests. Yes, not just one or two, but five stories of dream job manifestations that use the law of attraction and the magic of gratitude. I went through papers in my office and came across the list I had forgotten. Although I believed in the Law of Attraction, I was always amazed that my dream job description not only matched what I had listed as my desires, but went beyond what I had asked for. “I was worried about my business because I wasn`t getting the orders I normally received. I then started reading negative news about my business and soon I convinced myself that everything was a disaster and that it would only get worse! So I meditated – and then I did a focus wheel with the center that said, “My business is incredibly successful, money and opportunities are pouring in all the time.” And I started: “David (a friend who runs a successful business) said how amazing the company is”, “I love receiving such an amazing review in the local newspaper”, etc. I felt so much better in this twenty-minute exercise. Later that afternoon, I received an email telling me how amazing my service was, and then three orders arrived at the same time.

I didn`t ask in words – but the universe clearly “heard” my vibrational change… I decided to believe in finding my dream job and earning more than I was used to. I put the list away and forgot about it. I felt safe. Needless to say, my mind was blown away at that moment. It wasn`t a coincidence, it was a synchronicity. It was the law of attraction at work, at its best. As I drove after this stranger, I thought about what my mother always told me: “What`s for you is for you, and you can`t miss it.” Practicing gratitude every day will allow you to manifest your dreams much more easily. And the magic of gratitude not only helps you manifest your dream job, but makes your life magical by changing all areas of life. I am a junior UX designer and hope to get a full-time job at a specific digital agency (R/GA). Can you share some of your successes with the manifestation of your dream job and the techniques you used? Need inspiration and confidence that I can manifest the work I want! The category of a job that was soon to be filled had not yet taken place.

I found temporary jobs in the meantime, for the money I wasn`t happy with, but I knew it was a good start.

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