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Jefe De Legales

Posted 28. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

In principle, the legal officer is the lawyer within an organization who is responsible for managing, coordinating and supervising all legal aspects. In this sense, the legal manager is responsible for designing the methods that allow the company to comply with all applicable legal regulations according to its nature. This includes those related to human talent to those inherent in the market or industry in which the company operates. The general counsel or general counsel is a figure who goes beyond the legal department of a company. Their actions have a significant impact on how the organization grows in the market, how it deals with problems and how it anticipates industry obstacles. Therefore, this head of the company`s legal department is a fundamental part of decision-making, as he is able to dictate the right path to follow a business path where the rest of the organizations fail, stumble, and fall. The legal manager is already considered a cornerstone of modern organizations. Indeed, for example, the Internet has enabled a rapid international expansion of many companies and a very easy way to collect personal data from their customers. The highest salary for a legal director in Argentina is $789,880 per month. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that today, the General Counsel is himself a legal leader who, with his communication and leadership skills, helps define the direction of the company by aligning business strategies with the legal future. He provides legal advice to the company and management on the drafting of contracts, title deeds, the filing of writings with government agencies, etc.

He may represent the company and, therefore, participate in the signing of contracts, powers, deeds, etc., act as a link between the board of directors and / or management and external lawyers, act before the courts on behalf of the company or its officers. Important industrial company based in Berazategui is looking for a LIC in international trade with at least ±three years of experience in positions of head of foreign trade, having worked with impo and expo in administrative, operational, banking and accounting procedures. We orient ourselves. While both situations create great business advantages, they also create a high legal risk environment with many more “fronts that need to be covered” compared to traditional businesses. How much does a Chief Legal Officer earn? The average national salary for a Chief Legal Officer in Argentina is $337,212. Filter by location to see the salaries of the Chief Legal Officer near you. The salary estimates are based on the 44 salaries that employees with a general counsel reported anonymously to Glassdoor. Important ± service company completes its Personal Legal Manager with a solid background in corporate and corporate law, will be responsible for coordinating a team of young professionals. This is a search with excellent contractual conditions and growth opportunities within the. Your feedback helps Glassdoor make salary estimates more accurate. For example, if it is an organization with an online presence that manages users` personal data, it is the function of the legal administrator to make the company act in accordance with the different regulations on the protection of personal data protection laws, content distribution, copyright for several digital formats, inspection of e-commerce transactions, Sending and receiving money online, among other things, are very critical areas that companies need to address immediately, and the best way to do this is through a legal manager who specializes in each company`s sector. If we take a closer look at what a legal manager is today, we realize that he is not only an experienced lawyer, but also a key figure in advising managers on strategic decisions.

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