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Is the Vr80 Legal in Nj

Posted 27. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

When we first investigated the legality of the VR80 & Citadel RS-S1 (AK Semi), photos and descriptions were sent to the NJSP for clarification and they responded that both are legal in New Jersey. We have also reached out to the ATF about their arrest of Pistol Grip vs Thumbhole and they have confirmed that both guns do not have a pistol grip. NJ gun shops seem to have no problem selling them now and in the past, and some refer to the VR80 as “100% NJ legal”. I bought mine in New Jersey from an FFL, hopefully they know what`s legal and won`t sell The NJSP has decided in writing (via email) that the state recognizes that a thumbhole stick is not a pistol grip and that the VR80 is legal in New Jersey…… She had her legal stock at the Garden State Armory a few months ago. I had to call over 35 gunsmiths today to find a Rock Island Armory VR80. armscor.com/vr80/ From what I understand, a semi-automatic shotgun can`t have a pistol grip, but is the VR80`s thumbhole grip definitely legal? I have one that is legal, I also have a Hera thumb hole on my AR. NJ tried this back then when they were trying to catch the guy who had a Mak-90 and lost. They argued that he had a pistol grip, but it was clearly a thumb hole.

Without jurisdiction or legal definition, IMO is nothing more than a pistol grip attached to the butt. Hello everyone, write to see the legality of a vertical front grip on a semi-automatic shotgun. The shotgun in question is the VR80, which is semi-automatic, with a thumb-hole stock. It`s 100% legal NJ, but I`m concerned about the legality of adding a vertical front handle to the bottom of the barrel. DO NOT turn the thumb hole into a gun grip, I am aware that this is illegal. Thank you very much. You must understand this *IS* NJ, and you must prove that it *IS* is legal and that, from a reasonable point of view, it is NOT a thumbhole stock. Look at what others have said, and unless you have something in Scripture that says this model is legal for sale in the state of New Jersey – you`re taking your chances.

*You* are responsible for knowing the law and not the guy selling it to you — however, if it`s sold at a New Jersey store, that doesn`t mean it`s legal per se — or without potential complications, report illegal gun activity to 1-800-ATF-GUNS or your local police department. I would appreciate the fact that they sell them, but remember that one person was arrested because they had a gun grip on a pump in that state. The odds are against you in this case. These have interested me in the past, especially the price. Several NJ FFLs sell it to New Jersey residents. I don`t want to take any chances with how prosecutors can be aggressive against law-abiding citizens. I think the traders received an oral explanation from the NJSP FIU to sell this. × inserted as rich text. Instead, paste in plain text Thanks, I checked our “rulebook” and couldn`t find anything, but you know how it`s here, you need to check it again. You don`t need NJSP to comment. Stop trying to get their attention.

It`s not a pistol grip. What`s the problem? It appears that it could be deliberately misinterpreted under the “substantially identical” wording of the NJ. This has also been discussed on forums in the past, with many saying it`s a grey area and shouldn`t risk it. × You cannot insert images directly. Download or paste images from the URL. Communist seal of approval NJ . 👌👍👍😂🤣 The VR80 is recommended to use target loads for the first 50 to 75 revolutions to break them down. Well, for me, without that written quote – I wouldn`t be caught anywhere in New Jersey with this article. But it`s just me YMMV thanks for the info!. × Your link has been automatically embedded.

Appears as a link instead. This, too, was unreliable. But I remember that the weapon suffocated several times. Quote for View(letter).. If so, is it more likely to remove the functionality for other semi-automatic firearms – or is the language just adapted to the VR-80? By John Smith, January 9, 2020 in Current New Jersey Gun Laws Discussion I`d keep any documentary. In the worst case, it will be confiscated. I am not aware of any restrictions on the front grips of semi-automatic shotguns. Also, you need to check which valve is on the barrel, if it has the sturdy valve, it should not be on anything other than 3″/Mag. The lighting valve is for Target & Standard High Brass – very few semi-trailers run on low brass… My tolerance level for some things is high and others very low – personally, I wouldn`t take this half-shotgun anywhere in the nj state in public.. But that`s just me. If they are willing to sell it, I would buy it anyway.

lol IMHO, he has a pistol grip. You can simply attach a string from a normal handle to a shaft and get the same result. Was it during the “Miss and Sit”? Or when we huddled together to warm up in the freezing rain that only we men braved. together as one. I saw one in Clinton, ask @Zeke. Um, it wasn`t reliable. IMO this follows the protruding grip under the action that defines a pistol grip. You`d be surprised at the I hear that goes wrong with gun deals. Point taken to get their attention. Reference removed. Frankly, I don`t know how they justify the evil “no pistol grip” feature. If it wasn`t exploited by the NJSP, I wouldn`t sell it as FFL.

× Your previous content has been restored. Clear editorial All opinions are welcome, but especially those that can indicate anything that could certainly solve this problem, such as a comment from a lawyer. If you`re stuck on a semi-automatic shotgun for a pistol grip – the valid defense is NOT that the guy sold it to me. NJ could easily argue that it has a pistol grip, even if the shaft is “thumb hole” The biggest disadvantage of a semi-automatic is the load. It is difficult to bridge the gap between a light target load and a heavy shot. Rock Island Armory`s warranty covers firearms and parts. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our products for their intended use. To activate your warranty, register your firearms today! You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign up now to publish with your account. Could the problem be due to underfed shells? Or mechanical?. I had a problem with grenades below 1300 fps, they recommend using 1300 or more, after running higher fps I had no problem The VR80 12ga shotgun is second to none.

This gasoline-powered 12ga semi-automatic shotgun has a 7075 T6 aluminum top and bottom receiver. The VR80 offers the familiar ergonomics and control of the AR-15, so you don`t have to retrain your mechanics when executing 3 guns or ejecting targets. Its magazine is powered by a 5+1 capacity of 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells. Its performance and versatility make the VR80 an undisputed leader in Mag-Feed semi-automatic shotguns for a fraction of the price. I have explained the problem. Several opinions online that it is essentially similar. The history of New Jersey`s laws with many gray areas written. NJ`s story of prosecutors prosecuting otherwise law-abiding citizens for making a mistake.

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