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Is Skateboarding Legal in India

Posted 27. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

The filmmakers say it is a fictional account of stories of skateboarding girls in India. But Gond says it`s her story and the filmmakers never got her permission — even though they met her. India has seen massive growth in personal mobility devices in general and electric skateboards in particular. And although the laws governing their use have not yet been introduced, we can speculate that nothing prevents you from using them from a legal point of view. However, in practice, you need to pay attention to where you drive your device in the country, pay attention to the inhabitants of the road (vehicles and people). Also try to use common sense and avoid unnecessary confrontations with the police. This way, you should be fine wherever you are in the country! Skateboarding is not common in Indian cities, let alone remote rural areas like Gond. The skatepark in his village was built by a German social activist. This sparked in her a life-changing passion for skateboarding – a passion that Gond pursued despite the strict patriarchal norms of her village and that led her to championships abroad. There are signs that skateboarding`s popularity is declining: Industry studies show that skateboarding participation has declined for almost all age groups, including youth.

Participation in skateboarding has declined. Over the past decade, parks have become less crowded than ever. There are many skateparks all over India. This has even led big names in skateboarding to visit India to further promote the activity! Skate parks offer a more professional environment and are well equipped for advanced practitioners. NorwayIn Norway, skateboarding was banned for 11 years in the 1970s and 1980s. A few die-hard fans defied the law and secretly skated to keep the sport alive. Despite his concerns, Reinhard says the film will benefit Janwar as a whole, raising awareness about his work and his skateboarding. A new skatepark was built in the village of Khempur, where the film was shot and is now used by the local community. It`s illegal almost everywhere. Many towns and villages do not have ordinances on skateboards. Skaters will skate within regulatory limits due to negligence or ignorance. Property skaters may find attractive terrain or a desirable route through the property where the owner prohibits skateboarding.

Not everyone was happy to see girls skating, let alone adivasi girls like Gond. The villagers said Gond would be better off learning to cook rather than skateboard. Gond says the filmmakers met her in Janwar and told her about how skateboarding has changed her life and village. The director says Gond was just one of many girls they met during the filming of the film. The film was also not shot in Janwar, but in a village in the state of Rajasthan. But Gond continued skating and quickly became a rising star in Janwar. Over the years, she has traveled across India to participate in skateboarding competitions. In 2018, she represented India at the World Skateboarding Championship in Nanjing, China. She almost finished last, but she was the only Indian woman at the Women`s Games and competed against many countries that came from countries with a long skateboarding tradition. Skateboarding is never really a sport, there is no team, no rules and no limits, only creativity. Although skateboarding competitions are great, none of them can be compared to the Olympics.

For example, Street League is the largest competition organizer in the industry. The Indian government has not enacted any specific laws for electric skateboarding. This means that the person can go electric skateboarding on private property and on village streets that are free of movement. One of the reasons for the unpopularity of skateboarding, stated by Steve Weightman (founder of Freemotion Sk8), is that since India is not considered a market for skateboards, there are no retailers where you can buy a decent skateboard. When Asha Gond started skateboarding, neighbours in her village of Janwar in central India were horrified. They urged the teenager`s parents to take care of household chores or marry her. When she walked through the village with a skateboard in her hand, they taunted her and made derogatory comments. Skateboarding is for boys, recalls Gond, now 21, of the villagers.

Then came the skate park, built by Ulrike Reinhard, a German management consultant and activist.

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