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Is It Legal to Ride Electric Scooters in Victoria

Posted 25. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

The Department of Transportation told ABC Ballarat that only electric scooters rented from Neuron Mobility can be used in the test cities. Due to the historical view of “mobility scooters”, electric scooters are currently grouped with pedestrians rather than bicycles. Victorian lawmakers seem to appreciate this misclassification at the moment, and since they occupy a similar footprint and have mobility similar to that of a bicycle, they would expect new laws to align them closer to bicycles than pedestrians. Since the introduction of the electric scooter trial, the rules for private electric scooters have not changed and are still prohibited on public roads or adjacent areas. However, you can ride commercial electric scooters in some areas. Since the electric scooters used in the experiment are limited to 20 km/h, it is not safe to use them at high speeds. While cyclists can use approved electric scooters on roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h and less, cyclists are not allowed on roads with a speed limit of 60 km/h or more, even if there is a protected bike lane. Rossiter said that if governments legalized private scooters, they would have to introduce a TAC-type compensation scheme for pedestrians who have been hit and injured. Neuron and Lime`s shared scooters have liability insurance, but a claim will not be paid if the user has ridden illegally on a trail. In its efforts to make Victorian roads safe for all modes of transport, RACV has partnered with Lime – an organisation participating in the Victorian e-scooter study – and has produced a series of videos outlining how to ride electric scooters safely. Private e-scooters can only be operated in public with a speed limit of 10 km/h and a motor of 200 watts or less to be considered a “recreational cycling vehicle”.

Always know and follow the traffic rules and avoid driving your electric scooter recklessly. Some of the traffic rules you need to know are to drive below the speed limit, always stay on the left, yield the right of way to pedestrians and other approaching drivers, and don`t drive on paths you can`t drive. All this will not only protect you, but also save you from trouble before the law. Private electric scooters can only be legally driven on private property. “You look at other countries, or you look at the world where people are serious about fighting climate change, electric scooters are the first – green transportation is such a big problem.” As with any new mode of transportation or emerging social norm, there can be confusion about the rules, regulations, and adoption of electric scooters. For more information on the regulation of electric scooters in VIC, please read the state guidelines. The difference between private electric scooters and commercial electric scooters and where you can ride them. A Lime spokesperson said the company is investing in technology to identify drivers who have walked on trails and ban them from the platform. Electric scooters must also comply with the same traffic rules that apply to motor vehicles and cyclists: priority, traffic lights and signs, speed limits, etc. No, a valid driver`s license is not required for Victorian test electric scooters. However, traffic violations while riding an electric scooter can affect your possession of a learner`s licence, trial licence, or full Victorian driver`s licence.

Kenos said it was worrying that some private scooters are capable of high speeds. Electric scooters are a hot Christmas gift this year and are available everywhere from bike shops to large tech stores. “There are other items you can buy that are illegal on our roads, an unregistered motor vehicle is illegal,” Kenos said. In the test area, there is a speed limit of 20 km/h and scooters can be used on bike lanes, shared paths and low-speed roads. Existing infrastructure can be easily redesigned and repurposed to include electric scooters as a timely and cost-effective solution. It is much cheaper and faster to remove parking lanes instead of building tunnels. Companies said they usually explain the laws surrounding scooters to people, but this rarely influences customers` decisions to buy their new vehicle. Electric scooters are limited to a single driver. Passengers and pets are not allowed and may result in a $182 fine for beaches on this rule. A Neuron spokeswoman said the company`s scooters included a voice prompt to remind users not to ride on sidewalks, and the vast majority of users followed the rules. All electric scooter riders, private or shared, must be over the age of 18 in Victoria. Unlike riding, electric scooters make you vulnerable to weather changes such as extremely hot or cold weather, as well as rainy days.

As trails can be slippery in these conditions, avoid riding an electric scooter to protect yourself. He said the media had sensationalized the safety risks of the scooters and predicted Victoria would legalise private property by the end of the year. The ministry also reiterated that high-performance private scooters are illegal on public roads, shared paths and trails. Thanks to the lightweight, compact and foldable nature of electric scooters, riders can easily carry, fold and store electric scooters. This means you can take your ride anywhere, so you can be taken anywhere. Also, electric scooter riders don`t have to worry about parking, as electric scooters can be parked on bike racks or taken to the office or apartment. You can now have a convenient and efficient means of transportation, anytime and anywhere. Mr Cox said that even when he bought the scooter, he asked the retailer if they were legal, but he said they didn`t seem to know the rules either. I have been riding electric scooters in Melbourne for over 4 years.

I meet regularly with the police and they have never shown the slightest inclination to question the legality of my trip. Of course, you must drive in a safe and respectful manner for other road (and trail) users.

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