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Is It Legal to Hunt Deer over Bait in Ontario

Posted 25. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

The ministry says deer bait and bait may contain infectious material that carries the disease. Although not detected in Ontario, CWD has the potential to significantly reduce populations of white-tailed deer, moose, moose and caribou. The ministry says it is easy to spread, remains in the ground for years and there is no cure or vaccine for the disease. I see all kinds of trees on public land that are unused. If it`s a wooden stand in a tree, is it so free for whoever comes first, no matter who built it? If a hunter claims to own a metal stand, should I abandon the place? “Our club just thinks it`s unethical,” Strain said. “We have no problem with someone unpacking a bucket of apples before the season, for example, but not this large-scale bait. In U.S. states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio, it`s not allowed at all. “Meanwhile, neighboring landowners are ticked off because even in some cases where they have 200 to 300 acres, they don`t see deer,” Strain said. “The CGFA proposes that regulations include, but are not limited to: 1-the amount of bait that can be placed in an area; 2-the proximity of each bait site to other bait sites; 3-The time at which the bait can appear.

We also recommend that all regulations exempt legitimate farming practices and plots grown for food. We also propose that the province seek contributions from the municipality of Manitoulin Island prior to the publication of any by-law. “Under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, it is also illegal to allow dogs to roam freely in areas inhabited by moose, moose, caribou and bears.” With most of the developments that have taken place in Ottawa, where there are deer, they don`t have a lot of food available, so I think people will continue to feed themselves,” she said. LITTLE CURRENT – The Little Current Fish and Game Club (LCFGC) has passed a motion seeking the support of other members of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Zone D hunting and fishing clubs regarding their concerns about deer bait practices on Manitoulin Island. “Hunters may bait deer, but the hunting season does not usually coincide with the times when deer feed in mid-winter,” Kowalski wrote. “Even during hunting season, it doesn`t matter what you bait the animal with if you want to harvest it anyway.” “We are seeking the support and support of Zone D fishing and hunting clubs and ultimately OFAH by calling on the provincial government to develop and implement regulations that address deer baiting in UMM 43A and 43B,” the LCFGC continues. “The province recognized the uniqueness of Manitoulin Island in the past when it passed island-specific regulations regarding written landowner licences and postponed the deer hunting season to a later date to meet the needs of the farming community. We again call on the province to recognize this uniqueness and introduce specific regulations for UMMs 43A and 43B. But Kowalski said people should not feed deer unless the ministry specifically instructs them to do so.

“While there may be snow and it may be cold, that doesn`t necessarily mean the deer need extra help,” ministry spokeswoman Jolanta Kowalski said. The province`s Ministry of Natural Resources is reminding people not to feed deer or let dogs run after them. That`s good to know. I knew you could bait, but I thought you had to stop a few weeks before the season started. I`m starting to pick up all my apples and pears “This practice of baiting deer has been around for several years,” Strain said. “One of the things I hear is that some landowners in Manitoulin are selling two or three days of hunting on their property, say, 300 to 400 acres on their bait piles. After completing their hunt, the next group arrives and has the same opportunity. Meanwhile, neighboring landowners see this happening over their fence, with deer being baited with a huge pile of deer bait. That is the problem. It remains legal for hunters during the hunting season to use bait to attract deer for harvest, Kowalski said in an email. Bait deer are licensed in Ontario.

The only thing you can`t do is use bodily fluids (estrus, urine) to attract deer. The ministry is also reminding people that it is illegal to allow dogs to roam freely and hunt deer outside of hunting season. The ministry reminds hunters to use only plant or synthetic baits when they are in the field this fall.

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