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Informacion Legal De Una Pagina Web

Posted 22. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

Squared Lifestyle is an example of a personal blog that contains a simple legal notice because it collects personal data from readers. A personal blog should not forget this section; Since the blogger directly or indirectly monetizes the website (even with a reduced volume of income) or collects personal data from readers, he must attach a legal notice. Hi Karina: Well, if your website developer promised to provide you with the legal texts and their development, they budgeted for them and charged you, then they should provide them (because they asked a lawyer) or not charge you for this concept. If it has never been said, I don`t think you can ask a web designer to provide it, because their function is to run the web and the program and not to write legal texts. I could write the legal texts of the web myself. Send me an email to www.elabogadodigital.com with the web details and I can make you an offer. Hi Nando greetings: I could tell if it is legal to play Cretomatías to shoot videos that last 5 or 6 seconds of everyone in the WEB I want to post them on my Facebook community to guide users to implement responsible pet ownership. Thank you Bea We must be very careful in drafting these contractual conditions, as we must inform the customer of all aspects required by law before concluding the contract and comply with legal obligations after hiring. These terms and conditions of sale or contract serve the owner of the website to inform about all the necessary legal aspects and the process of purchase or contract. Therefore, the wording must be clear and understandable and contain at least information about: In short, we can say that it is the contract that governs the relationship between the service provider (or store owner) and the user or customer who uses the website or makes a purchase. The main purpose of this legally binding agreement is to protect you, as the owner of the company, from possible liability and to protect the copyright of your content. If you already know what legal information should be included on a website, but are wondering what other regulations you need to know when implementing your online marketing campaign, we recommend downloading the Legal Aspects of Online Marketing guide.

A website needs an “identity”, i.e. a name, to be different from others, and this leads us to choose a domain name for our website. Ideally, the domain name and the name of our brand or company match, but this may not be possible because the domain or trademark in question is already registered, in which case we cannot use it (and beware, if you are a freelancer and use a domain or trademarks, you could face serious legal consequences if the owner reports you). Hi Nando, my name is Karina. I have many doubts, but I will summarize it, I ordered to create a website and with the release of cookies, privacy policy, legal notice, etc. (q thing I do not understand how to do, I do not know where to run) the computer contains me cookies problem, but otherwise tells me q I pass it, Q thing as I said before no idea no, continued. I was looking for information and I see q cannot be copied and pasted from other websites and q each sector carries its own, and more q I think I understood that there are things that allow and record q . That you tell me how far I can ask the computer scientist to have paid, and in Q I must seek life and with whom? THANK YOU Hi Laura: You can contact companies that tell you their address for a small price per month.

You can also identify your address as an image in the fingerprint so that it is not indexed in search engines, but the information is there for the user who wants to search for it. I am sorry I cannot give you another solution. Greetings In this section of the legal notice, you must indicate whether your company has commercial, advertising or other purposes. Hello, I live in Colombia and I am in the project to create a page in which it is very important to put NEWS from other Internet portals, you can tell me what would be the right way to do it, I do not want to fall into the mistake of taking information and not appreciating who deserves it, Thank you If the activity of the site is related to other countries of the European Union, the LSSI is applied in conjunction with the applicable rules of private international law. For more detailed information, you can consult the full regulations in force on the information page of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation. This regulation aims to regulate the conditions of use of the site and to ensure that users have access to the services of a website, not only to ensure communication between the parties, but also to be sure that there is a real interlocutor in the event of a dispute – which is the responsibility of online shops. Hi Nando. Thank you very much for responding to all the comments and for the good explanation! My question is similar to the one Carlos asked you, but I do not know if your answer would also apply to my situation. I`ll tell you, I have a website where I talk a little bit about myself as a presentation, I show my portfolio with some of the illustrations I do, and my contact information.

But like Carlos, I don`t have an online store, I don`t offer my services explicitly, I don`t have advertising or anything. However, the law may require me to write the legal opinion (including my address) because I believe that the wallet is used to promote my services and could therefore bring me economic benefits? (For example, that someone likes a drawing and writes to me to buy it or place an order) or would it not be mandatory to write it in such a case? (The only legal text I have on my website is the cookie policy). In all this, I am not autonomous. I`m only registered with the Department of Finance because I can`t reach the SMI or jokingly I can go months without selling a single illustration. These are usually very specific situations and never on the Internet. Greetings Although it is advisable to use the services of a lawyer specializing in Internet law to check whether a new website complies with current legislation, in this article I will briefly indicate what information and sections should not be missing. Hi Violet: Basically, it is necessary to register as a freelancer if you generate advertising revenue through your blog, as this is a regular activity, regardless of the money it generates. If you monetize the blog, it is an information society service provider, and therefore you must provide the information required by the LSSI-CE. If you also collect personal data, you must comply with the data protection regulations. Best of all, every website has its legal texts.

It is not advisable to copy and paste the text from another website, as its legal texts may not meet your needs, as they are also subject to copyright. Greetings In both cases, it is necessary to indicate in the Legal Notice that the website collects personal data: the existence of a file or the processing of personal data, the purpose of the collection of such data, as well as the identity and address of the Data Controller, which must be located in Spanish territory if it is a Spanish company. In the following points we explain what legal aspects we must respect and respect for a website; Some of them will be mandatory for all types of websites, others, such as legal requirements in the online store or legal requirements of a website, only certain online sites where products are sold will have to comply. Hello, I wear the website of a restaurant does not know what to put mandatory, I received the message from lssi that I do not meet all the requirements. My site is in WordPress and I have the cookie plugin, as well as the phone contact name and address, do I need to contain an exclusive legal notice page q must? Thank you very much. Hello Josep: At the moment, this AEPD approval is unnecessary because there is a new framework called Privacy Shield that is intended to replace the invalid Safe Harbor. Rocket Science Group, the company that owns Mailchimp, has joined this Privacy Shield, so the transfer of personal data to Mailchimp is currently and if there are no changes, completely legal. Theoretically, yes, you must fill in the data related to the international transfer of data. Greetings Please note the legal information in this article. The vast majority of websites require legal notice that collects data from their administrators and shows that their activities are subject to applicable law. Currently, there are various organizations and websites with valuable information about it.

It is even common to find free legal opinion generators, which are usually sufficient for certain types of projects. However, it never hurts to be well informed about the current legislation and, above all, what is contained in a legal opinion. I am trying to create a company website of a shoe company and that it is also an online store. If I`m not designing the site, but want to structure it in a way that serves global commerce, then I check the legal aspects to avoid violating e-commerce laws.

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