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Harris County Sheriff Legal Department

Posted 18. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

According to the 2010 census, the county had a population of 4.1 million, making it the most populous county in Texas and the third most populous county in the United States. Its county seat is Houston. The Harris County Sheriff`s Office has approximately 3,500 employees and is the largest sheriff`s office in the state of Texas and the sixth largest in the country. The number one and two largest sheriff`s offices in the country are the Los Angeles County Sheriff`s Department in California and the Cook County Sheriff`s Office in Illinois. The third, fourth, and fifth are the Broward County Sheriff`s Office in Florida, the Palm Beach County Sheriff`s Office in Florida, and the San Diego County Sheriff`s Department in California. The county opened the Atascocita training camp in 1991, but it closed in September 2004 when the county decided its rehabilitation value was questionable. [17] Vocational training programs, once in the camp, were moved to the city center. [18] The Harris County Sheriff`s Office is the primary law enforcement agency in the 1,118 square miles (2,900 km2) of the unincorporated area of Harris County, serving as the equivalent of the county police for the approximately 1,071,485 people who live in unincorporated areas of the county. In Texas, sheriffs and their deputies are fully licensed peace officers with statewide jurisdiction and can therefore legally exercise their authority in unincorporated and incorporated areas of their county; They primarily provide law enforcement services only for unincorporated areas of a county, while ceding to municipal police or city marshals to provide law enforcement services for incorporated areas. Sheriffs and their deputies also have statewide powers of detention without warrant for crimes (other than certain traffic offenses) committed in their presence or from their point of view. [4] They can also make arrests with a warrant anywhere in the state. [5] In an emergency, sheriffs, as well as mayors and district judges, are authorized by state law to summon the National Guard to keep the peace. [6] Frank Webb Project Manager Harris County Sheriff`s Office 1200 Baker St.

Houston, TX 77002 (713) 274-4735 frank.webb@sheriff.hctx.net The jurisdiction of the Harris County Sheriff`s Office often overlaps with that of several other law enforcement agencies, including the Texas Highway Patrol, Harris County`s eight districts, and several city police departments. including the Houston City Police Department. The duties of a Texas sheriff typically include managing the county jail, providing bailiffs to and trials before his county district and district courts, and providing general law enforcement services to residents. The current sheriff of Harris County is Ed Gonzalez, who was elected in 2016 and has served since January 1, 2017. John Moore was sworn in as the first sheriff of Harrisburg County (later renamed Harris County) in February 1837. Among the oldest law enforcement agencies in Texas, the department has grown from a single man on horseback to a modern agency with 3500 employees, including more than 2500 sworn officials. The Harris County Sheriff`s Office correctional facilities are located in downtown Houston, all within a block of a block. [10] These include 1200 Jail (at 1200 Baker Street),[11] 701 Prison,[12] and 1307 Jail. [13] Previously, 1301 Franklin and 301 San Jacinto were prisons. [14] [15] On May 31, 2017, John Hernandez died after being strangled following a fight between constables Terry Thompson and Chauna Thompson, a married couple. [7] The death was cleared as murder by the Harris County coroner on June 6, 2017, and both Thompsons were charged with murder.

[8] Kisha Lorio The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD Location: 150 N. Chenevert, Houston, Texas 77002 Mailing: 2627 Caroline, Houston, Texas 77004 Kisha.Lorio@TheHarrisCenter.org. In 2012, Harris County correctional facilities had a combined capacity of 9,434 inmates; At that time, they held more than 12,000. Due to the excessive number of prisoners, the HCSO had to send inmates to other prisons, including some in Louisiana; As of June 2010, 1,600 Harris County inmates were serving their sentences in other prisons.

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