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Digital Legal Officer Uni Liechtenstein

Posted 12. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

The participation fee is CHF 9,800, including all course materials and exams. The next course starts on October 20th, registrations are possible until October 10th. The course is limited to 30 participants, the minimum number of participants is eight people. For more information, see www.uni.li/digital-legal-officer. The rapidly dynamic evolution of the framework conditions of this sector is putting financial intermediaries under strong digitization pressure. The demands placed on company management and IT managers have increased significantly in recent years and will continue to do so in the future. If you want to successfully keep up with the rapid evolution of digitalization in the future, you need comprehensive networked knowledge and a deeper understanding of industry- and industry-specific IT law. The Digital Legal Officer Certificate program provides comprehensive and practice-oriented specialized skills in digital financial industry law. By imparting legal expertise, combined with economic and technical foundations, participants benefit from a practice-oriented specialization in the law of our digital society and the ability to competently answer complex legal issues.

Interested parties can now inquire about the study program on the www.uni.li/digital-legal-officer website and apply for the scholarship. Starting in May 2022. The five modules of the study programme can be taken completely or individually. The range of innovations and technological innovations that have changed the financial sector in recent years is very wide. There are also many legal issues associated with this. The Chair of Banking and Financial Markets Law at the University of Liechtenstein has therefore created a specialized practice-oriented training that deals with exactly these topics and conveys comprehensive expertise in the law of the digital financial industry. The trainee lawyer is excited about this continuing education offered by the University of Liechtenstein: “The Digital Lawyer Certificate Course provides an in-depth overview of the regulation of digital innovations. The study program at the famous University of Liechtenstein is excellent because of its international orientation.

Liechtenstein is also the cradle of blockchain technology regulation. And nowhere could you learn better than with the professionals who have been with us since the very beginning,” says fellow Elisabeth Niederstetter, stressing the importance of the place. “This degree program is a must-have for all lawyers who focus on business law and for all non-lawyers who want to cope with the developments and legal requirements of digital innovations. This is where the future is taught, which is why the Digital Legal Officer certificate program is interesting for anyone who is excited about advances in technology. The many digital innovations mean that the relevant legal aspects are also extremely diverse. Blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, data protection and security are just some of the areas that have become increasingly important in the financial sector in the recent past and are currently leading to a profound change in the financial sector. • Practice-oriented specialization in digital financial industry law• Extensive legal expertise combined with economic and technical foundations• High-level lecturers from science and practice• Up-to-date content taught in a practical way The Digital Legal Officer certificate program offers a unique combination of legal specialization around digital topics in the financial sector, associated with economic and technical bases. Current topics, whether at national or European level, are taught in a practical way. In this way, students have the right tools to competently answer complex legal issues related to the digitalization of the financial sector.

High-level lecturers from science and industry bring their knowledge and experience to the curriculum. In addition, theme nights are regularly offered, even beyond the duration of the course, to offer students an additional opportunity to stay on the ball, exchange ideas and discuss specific topics. “This degree program is a must for all business law lawyers and for all non-lawyers who wish to deal with the developments and legal requirements of digital innovations. This is where the future is taught, which is why the Digital Legal Officer certificate course is interesting for anyone who is excited about technological progress,” says Niederstetter. The Digital Legal Officer certificate course combines legal issues with practice-oriented specialist knowledge in the digital financial sector. Graduates have legal and economic knowledge as well as technical fundamentals and can thus work in fields where technology, finance and law overlap. The Digital Legal Officer certificate program offers a unique combination of legal specialization around digital topics in the financial industry, coupled with economic and technical fundamentals. This gives students the right tools to competently answer complex legal issues related to the digitalisation of the financial sector. Further information can be found on the website of the Certificate Programme of the University of Liechtenstein. Digitalisation has also significantly boosted and changed the financial sector in recent years. This “digital (r)evolution” brings both challenges and opportunities. Opportunities that must be exploited to continue to succeed on the national and international financial scene in the future.

In five modules, the certificate course conveys comprehensive and practice-oriented specialist skills in the field of digitalisation, the financial sector and law. In addition to legal expertise, students learn the economic and technical basics. Graduates are qualified to successfully face the complex challenges of the digital financial industry of today and tomorrow. The five modules focus on the following topics:• Financial Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation and New Business Models• Specialization Blockchain Technology• Specialization Data Protection and Security• Specialization Cybersecurity and Law• Specialization Digital InnovationsThe study program takes place mainly in German. However, individual courses may be taught at least in part in English or some teaching materials are provided in English. Detailed information about the individual modules can be found in the module manual or you will be happy to inform and personally advise the person in charge of the study programme and management. The certificate program consists of five modules and provides for a period of presence of three days per month / module (game, Fri, Sat). Individual modules currently take place on the following days:Module 1:20 – 22 October 2022Module 2:17 – 19 November 2022Module 3:15 – 17 December 2022Module 4:26 – 28 January 2023Module 5:23 – 25 February 2023Class schedules are generally allowed on Thursdays and Fridays from 9:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays from 8:30 to 16:30. A maximum of 30 participants are admitted to the study programme. The study program will only be carried out if there are 8 registrations. Separate participation of individual modules without participation in the entire certificate programme is only possible if there are free study places.

Digital Legal Officer Certificate Program: Nadja Dobler Executive Master of Laws (LL.M.). in Banking and Financial Markets Law: Nadja Dobler NÄGELE Rechtsanwälte GmbH offers interested parties who wish to extend their know-how in the field of law, digitalisation and the financial industry and deepen their knowledge of the interdisciplinary study programme with recognised experts in science and industry the opportunity to bewerben:finanzmarktrecht@uni.li a place of study at the following e-mail address. acquire the latest knowledge and discoveries in lectures, courses, seminars, conferences and symposia in the fields in which the university focuses primarily. In addition to submitting the cover letter and a curriculum vitae, applicants must meet the general admission requirements for the scholarship. The scholarship covers all fees applicable to the Digital Legal Officer certificate program. Travel and accommodation costs as well as expenses in case of repetition of examination are not covered. Applications will be reviewed until Friday, September 30, 2022, at 24:00. The award of the scholarship is subject to the decision of the University of Liechtenstein and the law firm NÄGELE Rechtsanwälte GmbH.

The decision is not subject to appeal. Legal remedies are excluded. Lawyers interested in the interface between finance, technology and law have the opportunity to participate in the digital legal officer course at the University of Liechtenstein.

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