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Cost of Legal Name Change in North Carolina

Posted 10. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

To change your last name in North Carolina, follow the simple process: Update your name for free at the Social Security Administration at least 2 days before you go to the DMV. Bring your legal name change order to the DMV to obtain a new ID. NC DMV charges the following fee to change your name on North Carolina DMV documents: A name change is generally considered a legal act of a person taking a new name, other than birth name, marriage, divorce, or adoption. Anyone can legally change their last name in North Carolina through legal process if it doesn`t harm anyone. You have to go through a legal process to accept a new name or name change, which is quite hectic and frustrating because you are submitting a petition and submitting other name change formalities. Legally Name Change has a team to help you through this name change process. If you plan to follow the traditional approach and take your husband`s last name after marriage, you may be able to change your name on all your official documents by simply providing a certified copy of your marriage certificate. You do not have to file an application with the court. If you`re willing to change the names of all your family members, you`ll need to apply to the North Carolina Family Court for a last name change.

Recognition of paternity is a legal act that determines the biological filiation of a child. Paternity may be established by voluntary recognition by the father and mother or by court order. Naturalization: If you are applying for naturalization, you can legally change your name by entering your new name on form USCIS N-400 (the naturalization application issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You must use your new name at the swearing-in ceremony with a judge who has the power to give your new name. Naturalization papers have a submission fee of approximately $555. You can also apply as someone in need. At Legally Name Change, we offer the following name change service throughout North Carolina: The Minor Name Change Petition is the document you use to formally request a name change for your child. In this document, you describe your relationship with the child and the reasons why you changed your name. However, if the minor`s other parent participates in this application, they must also provide their signature, but if you are considering a less traditional name change after marriage – such as creating a new surname for both spouses or the husband`s assumption of the woman`s surname – you will likely have to apply to a court for a name change.

Parents or guardians of a minor child may request to change the minor`s name; However, the name of a minor child cannot be changed without the consent of both parents (if he or she is alive). If you are unable to obtain consent from an absent parent, you will need to consult competent legal counsel to help you change your name. In North Carolina, you must apply for a new driver`s license within sixty (60) days of the name change. Before this happens, your identity must already be updated at the Social Security Agency. To get a new driver`s license, you will need to go to a DMV office with a copy of your proof of name change, your current driver`s license and cash, or a money order to pay the fee ($13 at the time of writing). To prove the name change, you will need a certified copy of the document authorizing your new name; a divorce decree, marriage certificate or court order. Once you have submitted the appropriate documents and paid the required fee, you will receive a temporary license and mail your new license as soon as it has been prepared. You may need to take a new photo for your license in the DMV office. Submission of petition: The court charges a fee to submit your name change application. These fees vary from state to state. For example, the deposit fee is currently $150 in Massachusetts, $200 in New Jersey, and $435 in California.

Minors under the age of 18 cannot change their name – a parent must submit the application for a change of name. The procedure and cost of changing a child`s name is the same as that of an adult, except that the parent submitting the petition must take the extra step of sending the other parent a notification of the name change request. After naturalization: If you want to change your name on your naturalization certificate that you already have, you can apply for a name change in a court proceeding. To change the name of a minor under the age of sixteen (16) in North Carolina, one or both of the child`s parents must file a petition with their district court. If only one parent signs the petition, they must obtain the written consent of the other biological parent and submit it with their petition. For an application to be approved, the reasons for the name change must be clear, such as adoption or for a step-son. A minor who is sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years of age may apply, but must still obtain parental consent. In addition, they must obtain two (2) affidavits from non-family members who can vouch for their good character. Minors between the ages of sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) may also be required to undergo criminal record checks. Would you like to tie the knot with your life partner or put a mile of country between the names of your ex and you? The law allows for the adoption of a new name.

How you change your name in North Carolina depends on your situation. It`s easier when you get married, and it`s common to do it when you get divorced. You can change your entire name through the legal system if you wish. Here we have the details for Tar Heel State residents who wish to change their last name, including: There are several reasons to change your name to your maiden name. These reasons could be after divorce or marriage. Sometimes you want to change your maiden name without getting divorced. We fully understand how to change your name to your maiden name. Thus, you can start your first name change petition from us.

If you do not use a previous name, but still want your name or the name of your minor child to be changed, you must ask the court for a change of name. The $15 processing fee to verify your application is non-refundable. If your application concerns more than one birth certificate, the $15 processing fee applies to each person`s birth certificate that needs to be changed. A certificate search and a first copy cost $24. Deposit fees are not uniform across all counties, so you`ll need to check the cost of your name change to prepare the correct amount in cash or in the form of a certified check or money order. Same-day walk-in (personal) service will be temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Please call one of the numbers listed with the types of changes listed below for assistance. If you changed your name when you got married, but want to return to your previous name after your divorce, you can request that your name be changed as part of the final divorce decree. If you do, a certified copy of the divorce decree is usually enough to change your name on all your official documents. Paralegal is preparing your legal petition to change the name of the Child from North Carolina accurately. Marriage name change in North Carolina facilitated by legal name change.

If you want to change your name after getting married in North Carolina, we can help you change your last name after the wedding. As a wedding name change company in North Carolina, we understand the right forms or kits for your needs. Your marriage certificate serves as the primary legal document to change your name. Name change after marriage North Carolina has never been easier. Processing times for accelerated and non-accelerated applications to amend a registration, such as adoptions, amendments, legitimations and name changes, are currently significantly delayed. We work to process these requests as soon as possible in the order received. Preparation of documents: The first step in renaming is to prepare an application for a change of name and other documents to be submitted to the court. You can research the procedure and prepare these documents yourself, you can use LegalZoom`s online name change service to prepare the documents, or you can hire a lawyer. LegalZoom`s service currently starts at $139; A lawyer may charge a fixed fee or an hourly rate to prepare and file documents and appear on your behalf at a name change hearing. Legitimation is a legal process that allows biological fathers to recognize their children when they marry the mother after the birth of the child.

A new birth certificate can be issued that reflects the father`s name, and the child`s name can be changed to the father`s surname if the parents agree and request the change. In some cases, a court order may be required. Changing your name after a divorce in North Carolina takes some time. Immediately after your separation, you will need to submit your name change to your maiden name. To change your last name after divorce, you must file name change forms with the North Carolina family court. With the legal name change, we have a complete name change checklist after divorce that ensures that your name change application is filed correctly. If you don`t know where the other parent is, you`ll have to make serious attempts to find that parent, and if you can`t, you`ll probably need to post a notice of the name change in a newspaper. Several legal options are available to obtain a name change. Names may be changed by an adoption decree, by an application for a change of name filed with the Special Procedures Division or by a request to take back a maiden name, the name of a deceased former husband or a divorced former husband if their children have the surname of that husband.

Sounds complicated? Do not worry. FindLaw can help. We offer name change forms in North Carolina that can guide you through the process every step of the way.

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