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Posted 6. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

Your lawyer will then give you an overview of the legal advice, explain what your legal options are, and describe the cost of the different procedures. Our goal is to serve as many people as possible in our community. We have no geographic exclusions and we do not have exclusions for high-income people. However, we would like to ask you to determine if you or your organization can raise funds for paid legal advice – we can help you with a recommendation in this regard. We will give priority to those who would not otherwise have access to legal services (for example, due to very low income). We offer a range of free legal advice and support services to our clients. However, we can help you with labour courts and social security courts. For new and existing cases and other questions, please email brightonlegalclinic@brighton.ac.uk. All students and staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Our supervisors are bound by solicitor-client privilege and may only disclose your confidential information in accordance with our professional ethics. If you have any questions about what might become a necessity that you need to disclose, please contact us at the beginning of your interview. A team of three law students from our clinic, Sarah Khaddar (Law CPE PGDip), Jasmine Hale (LLM Law Conversion) and Sinead Gallagher (Law LLB Hons), mentored by Brontie Ansell, Director and Senior Lecturer at the Brighton Law Clinic, provided legal advice on how residents can legally collect and save trees under COVID regulations and government policies in lockdown. to exercise their human right to peaceful protest.

Our criteria for processing your case free of charge are as follows: you can consider seeking the opinion of a lawyer on your case, or contact the advice service of your local citizen. To request free legal advice from one of our legal clinics, please use the form below. A member of the team will contact you shortly. All our projects are carried out by third-year law students and doctoral students. You will be supervised by fully qualified lawyers who are dedicated to providing accurate and timely legal services. All of our legal services are compliant with the standard expected by SRA and BSB. After 48 hours of legal research and advice writing, South Yorkshire Police admitted the group could legitimately protest and lifted all fines imposed during the rally period. Some, but not all, trees were saved and the residents were really impressed with the clinic and the team. The Legal Service for Immigration (ILS) advises and represents in all areas of asylum law and human rights in relation to Article 3 of the ECHR under the legal aid scheme. For some, it is surprising that BHT Sussex operates an immigration and asylum law service. The vast majority of those we work with are `unaccompanied minors`, young people and children who come to the UK without adults to take care of their well-being.

There is no charge for our legal services. However, there may be fees for expenses such as court fees. We will always let you know in advance. We offer free legal advice on labour, family, housing and criminal law issues, drawing on our scientific expertise and links to legal practice. More information about these services can be found on the following links: This is a non-binding interview with your lawyer and gives you the opportunity to find out where you are legally in relation to the problems you are facing. Our clinic is generally not able to provide legal services on short notice. This is because we need to find an acceptable supervisor and discuss your case with them. However, please contact us as we can speed up our processes in special circumstances.

Send us an e-mail to brightonlegalclinic@brighton.ac.uk. We will then contact you to let you know if we can help you. Communication with your medical students and supervisors can be done in person or online (in person at the university, by email and by video call). Our clinic meets monthly and we can give you details when we confirm your instructions. If you do not have access to the Internet (for non-urgent matters), you can contact the office of the Faculty of Economics and Law at 01273 642135, who will share your contact details with the team – you do not have to provide the details of your legal request. Unfortunately, there is a high demand for free legal advice. All requests are important to us, but the time frame depends on the area of law and the availability of regulatory authorities. For more instructions, contact the individual project. However, a likely time frame for an interview is 2 weeks after the first contact. BHT Sussex`s Immigration Legal Department has provided legal support to hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers. Many of those we work with are “unaccompanied minors”; young people and children who have often suffered unimaginable suffering and who do not have adults to care for their well-being when they arrive in the UK.

We provide an essential service to some of the most vulnerable people in our community, including victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. This is the story of YL.

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