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Posted 4. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

In a significant development, RJD`s Kartik Kumar, who received the legal portfolio earlier this month, was transferred to the sugarcane division amid the ongoing dispute over his alleged involvement in a criminal case. Access the Bihar website directory of various departments, organizations, courts, schools, colleges, etc. The websites of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Bihar Legislative Assembly, the Ministry of Finance, the Bihar Civil Service Commission, the Bihar State Housing Council, the Bihar Police, etc. are provided. Users can also access the websites of Bihar`s districts, schools and colleges. Details of the annual reports of the Bihar Cooperative Department are given. Users will be able to access the Department`s annual reports starting in 2008. The Congress and the CPI-ML (Liberation), members of the ruling Grand Alliance, had also called on Nitish Kumar`s government to reconsider the decision to add Kartik Kumar to the cabinet. Send your comments, suggestions and complaints online to the Prime Minister of Bihar. Users can fill out an online form by providing their personal data, contact details and suggestions or comments.

Send your comments, suggestions or complaints to the Bihar Legal Department. Users can provide their feedback by providing their personal data, suggestions or complaints via an online form. Information on the management of the Pension Fund, Department of Finance of Bihar will be provided. Details on the FPF Directorate, the FPF Bureaux and their functions are given. Users can check their GPF account balance by logging into the website with their GPF number. Downloadable forms for the payment of the trawler deputation and the request for change of password are provided. Access to the list of GPF agents, pension fund laws, right to information (RTI), bihar government holiday. Information on the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar is provided. Users can access voters` lists, council lists, forms, procedures, election data, etc.

Information is provided on foreign voters, training materials, affidavits, organization, applicants` affidavits, etc. Access to online voter registration, knowledge of the location of your stand, status of complaints and objections are also available. Detailed information for foreign electors is provided by the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Bihar. Foreign voters can obtain information through notification and voter registration officers. Access to Form 6A in English and Hindi is also possible. Users can get detailed information about the Bihar Legislative Assembly. Information is provided on the Governor, the Prime Minister, the Vice-President, the Leader of the Opposition, MPs and women, etc. Rules and procedures are also provided. Details on the secretariat and committees will also be provided. Shamim Ahmad, also a leader of the RJD, replaced Kumar as justice minister, according to a statement from the Department of the Secretariat of the State Cabinet. Ahmad held the sugarcane portfolio prior to his investigation. Look for government reports on the Bihar e-Gazette.

Users can search by gazette type, gazette number, gazette year, date of publication, etc. Details of the issue of the Official Journal, date of publication, type, year, etc. can be found. A downloadable gazette and an advanced gazette search are also available. You can get detailed information about Arwal district in Bihar. Users can find details about the administration of the neighborhood, tourist places and folk art. Details on pensions, schemes, the Gram Sabha and the public complaints system are given. Information on agriculture, health, literacy and the population of the district is also provided. Manish Tewari on the most important polls in Congress: The voters list should be published for the sake of transparency. Users can find detailed information about the district`s grievance redress system, Arwal of Bihar. This website is intended to provide district residents with transparent and public-oriented administration. Check the monitoring of the MIS zero tolerance zone in five districts of the Magadh Division in Bihar.

Zero tolerance is seen as a consistently applied policy on quick-acting interventions that sends a clear and consistent message to potential violations that certain behaviours are unacceptable under the rule of law. The opposition BJP had called for Kumar`s removal from the cabinet, saying an arrest warrant was pending pending against him in a 2014 kidnapping case.

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