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Posted 2. Oktober 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

Before launching the Jostle platform, Maria and her team were very aware of how they introduced the new intranet and explained it to everyone. You have received employee buy-in from the beginning. James Tarling, CEO of Ashtons, said: “These appointments demonstrate the commitment we have to investing in the professional development of our employees. Businesses only survive and thrive when they deliver what their customers and customers want. At Ashtons Legal, our goal is to be a law firm that you proudly call “your lawyers” and that you are happy to recommend. Whether you are a commercial client or a unique client and whatever your legal needs, our goal is to always provide world-class legal advice with exceptional service. The firm offers a range of legal and other corporate services to retail and business clients across the country and announced the appointment of 11 new employees and six new senior partners to the firm. “It is always rewarding to be able to develop talented team members within the company and to recognize the work they all do to meet a wide range of legal requirements in the region and beyond. WARNING – The legal industry is experiencing a sharp increase in emails sent by scammers claiming to be valid lawyers to receive funds from clients.

If you think you have received a suspicious email from Ashtons Legal, please contact our switchboard. Click here for more information. “If you see someone who lives our core values, you can nominate them for the award, regardless of their role. We get some pretty strange and wonderful appointments. I remember one in particular – an employee in a hectic office where the phone sounded like crazy. She threw herself over the desk to get to him before he stopped ringing. Ashtons Legal, a leading regional law firm with 400 employees in its offices in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Diss, Ipswich, Leeds and Norwich, promoted its staff this month. “In general, we believe that good behavior is shown by those at the top. If they behave well at the top, it also encourages junior staff to do so. This was the case when we launched the Jostle platform and in how our leadership team continues to use the platform to this day. “For example, if there`s a tricky technical legal point,” Maria said, “our teams use DISCUSSIONS to contribute their ideas.

Instead of going through 26 emails in a single thread, we have a discussion and everyone`s comments are easy to see. That was a big advantage. They turn to us for legal solutions that offer good value for money and are delivered in an efficient and user-friendly manner. Our goal is to go further and offer an exceptional customer experience to all those who choose our advice. Fabienne works in Ashtons` French real estate team in Leeds, Joanna Baker in the dispute resolution department in Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds, Louisa Bradberry leads life planning in Norwich, Joanna Cotgrove leads the family team in Cambridge and Roger Loomes and Emma Starr both work in the Ipswich office in leading personal injury systems and business systems respectively. After hosting a demonstration and talking with our product experts, Ashtons chose the Jostle intranet: Mark Watson, Senior Partner, led a team that worked with marine technology specialist AR Peachment Limited to sell the company to a member of Alliance Marine Group, a French distributor of pleasure boats and marine equipment. “This kind of behavior would normally be lost, but it`s so important to recognize it. Then our CEO holds a monthly management meeting where we all vote for the winner. The CEO then ensures that the result is published on the Jostle platform. Meanwhile, ashtons Legal`s corporate and sales team members recently advised and helped three clients sell their businesses. “The DISCUSSION FUNCTION helped the teams communicate between offices,” Maria said.

DISCUSSIONS is the chat feature that Ashtons teams use to connect and stay in touch. They share more knowledge than ever before. The relationships could provide AR Peachment, ubisend and Subgeroâ with the best advice. Maria said: “We think it`s really helpful to show them the features in action at these events, which is a boon for busy high-level lawyers. They usually get something from Lunch & Learn that they didn`t know about, making them more active users. Fabienne Atkin, Joanna Baker, Louisa Bradberry, Joanna Cotgrove, Roger Loomes and Emma Starr are promoted to the Senior Associate level. When we asked Maria and Krishan if they felt they had achieved their goal of improving communication and knowledge sharing, their answer was open: Jostle`s People Engagement platform® helps organizations around the world become exceptional. It creates connected and dynamic workplaces by connecting employees, enabling communication and fostering workplace culture.

We make it easier for companies to engage their employees. This allows our clients to achieve employee share ownership rates of more than 85%, which is more than 5 times the industry standards. For more information, contactez-info@jostle.me or visit us online at www.jostle.me. “The search function is really powerful. People simply search from the homepage and easily find what they really need. We use it to find everything – documents, people, specific skills,” Krishan said.

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