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Posted 29. September 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

Over many years, we have built a strong network with key institutions in the field, including local exchanges, financial regulators and other regulators. Our regulatory team regularly advises global and multinational financial institutions on the legal, regulatory and anti-money laundering aspects related to the cross-border provision of financial services in the Baltic States. Complex business relationships, an ever-changing regulatory environment and volatile competitive conditions have created demand for a highly skilled business law firm. The latter, combined with our team of leading lawyers with industry-specific knowledge and experience, creates a powerful force. Our legal team bases its advice on understanding the various tax, administrative, supervisory, regulatory, enforcement, insolvency, moral hazard and other potential risks in the relevant transactions. Our extensive experience in structuring investment vehicles allows us to take into account the needs of the client and its investment program and provide the essential advice needed by clients to successfully negotiate the fundraising process. Our pan-Baltic presence allows us to provide an international perspective for any fundraising, as well as local legal advice on all tax and regulatory issues related to private funds in the region. We advise corporate clients in the area of compliance, understand the legal requirements applicable to their business, obtain the required licenses and registrations in their areas of activity, develop internal guidelines, conduct training, conduct internal investigations, represent customers before supervisory authorities, help customers minimize the negative consequences of violations and assist in the preparation of action plans Corrective. By joining the LEXTAL Legal Group in early 2021, which has become one of the leading groups of law firms in the Baltic countries, Lextal`s offices offer Baltic-wide services covering the most important areas of life that require legal assistance for natural and legal persons. Zu unseren Mandanten zählen vermögende Privatpersonen und Familien sowie Family Offices, die wir bei allen rechtlichen und steuerlichen Aspekten der Strukturierung, Planung, Steuerung und Übertragung ihrer Geschäfte und ihres Privatvermögens unterstützen – von der täglichen Belange und den Anlagetransaktionen bis hin zur Nachfolgeplanung und philanthropischen Tätigkeit. Zusammenfassung der steuerlichen und rechtlichen Highlights in Lettland im April 2018 The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is a voluntary and politically neutral association that brings together micro, small, medium and large enterprises from all regions and economic sectors of Latvia.

The law firm “Rasa un Ešenvalds” represents and defends the interests of clients in various types of fields, as well, as a member of LRTK, providing support and contributing to the organization of the Latvian business environment as a whole. With the recent boom in non-bank consumer lending in the Baltics, our legal team has gained first-hand experience on relevant regulatory and compliance issues, including crowdfunding, crowdlending and other innovative financing techniques. As organizations grow and legal relationships and regulatory requirements become more complex, it becomes increasingly complicated to get a detailed overview of the real situation of the company. It may therefore be necessary to execute or develop a business plan or determine if there is a risk of non-compliance, which, in the worst case, can lead to fines of up to millions of euros or even the closure of the business. We deal with all kinds of business immigration issues for our business clients. Our experts advise in all areas of a global mobility project, including mapping the most appropriate legal basis for work, drafting appropriate agreements, dealing with tax issues and assisting in obtaining work permits and visas. We advise companies on how to apply local regulations in practice and identify potential immigration problems due to business restructuring. The areas of transport and transport infrastructure are complex: they are subject to national and international public and private law, are subject to environmental regulations and often involve trade sanctions and serious safety concerns. They also include many different players, such as rail operators and railway infrastructure companies, airport operators, airlines and aircraft financiers, logistics companies and even ride-sharing companies.

Such regulatory restrictions in a diverse market and the growing demand for integrated solutions make transportation law one of the most demanding areas of legal practice. RER Lextal is a member of the Latvian Bar Association, the Association of Certified Insolvency Practitioners, INSOL Europe, TELFA and MERITAS, the world`s leading alliance of independent law firms that represents the client`s interests before the courts and provides legal assistance in the following areas: On behalf of the banking sector, we have carried out extensive research and drafted legislation to implement the Covered Bond Directive by integrating national legal acts and the creation of cross-border hedging pools. We help shape governance best practices as well as board and committee structures, advise on liability and insurance issues for directors and senior executives, prepare board bylaws and other internal guidelines, plan and hold annual and special general meetings, advise on the legal, regulatory and tax aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainability projects and advise on sensitive corporate affairs, strategic transactions and internal investigations. Our corporate and employment team provides legal advice to the management and shareholders of local and international companies on current and complex business and employment matters. We support our clients in the creation of a company and accompany them in the areas of corporate governance, risk management, corporate responsibility, labour law, regulatory affairs and good relations with the authorities as well as restructuring and liquidation. Litigation is one of the cornerstones of COBALT`s legal practice. We actively develop dispute and litigation strategies, advise and represent clients in alternative settlement negotiations, represent clients before civil and arbitration courts, administrative and criminal proceedings as well as constitutional courts. Business relationships are difficult and can become even more complicated when family relationships become tangled. By understanding the connection between family and business and by occurring important events in life, such as death, marriage or divorce, we can help protect both our clients` property and non-property interests. In addition, in cooperation with our Private Wealth practice group, we also offer personalized legal services to high net worth individuals in the areas of private wealth management, estate planning and estates, who have expertise in large cross-border inheritance files and the development of succession and business continuity programs. The core of the law firm RER Lextal is composed of lawyers Armands Rasa and Jānis Ešenvalds.

Founded in 2010, the law firm RER Lextal specialises in providing legal assistance in legal proceedings and various business-related matters, including commercial law, insolvency proceedings, corporate restructurings, contract law and administrative law, with a particular focus on public procurement that has been successful before the Court of Justice of the European Union. We are commended by our clients for the speed, excellence and entrepreneurial approach of all the legal advice we provide.

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