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1403 Abono Legal

Posted 27. September 2022 by Logistik-Express in Allgemein

1409 Family salaryValue of the family salary, according to the legal limit, due to the number of children under 14 or invalids of any age Happy day Rafaela! The labour reform amended Article 457 of the CLT, which was inserted in § 2, which states: “The amounts, although usual, paid as a cost allowance, food aid, whether cash, overnight stays, bonuses and allowances, do not include the remuneration of the employee, do not fall within the scope of the employment contract and do not constitute the basis of a labour and social security tax.” Hello. Someone removes a doubt from me, I have the following situation. I have a company that will start paying monthly bonuses to all its employees, in the labor reform, the bonus will be imposed on receipt of payment (INSS and FGTS)?could someone remove this doubt from me?att,Rafaela Ponciano 1230 Remuneration of the union leaderCountry paid to the employee during the exercise of union activity; 1050 Remuneration for days offRemuneration of days when the employee is not at work, without prejudice to his remuneration; The accounting portal declines any civil liability for the discussions of users or visitors to this website in accordance with Law No. 5.250/67 and Articles 927 and 931 of the new Brazilian Civil Code. 1213 Bonuses or other means of a temporary naturePublic organization – activity-related rates of remuneration, the receipt of which depends on the evaluation of performance or on certain conditions; 6102 Exemption from Art. 6102 9. Law No. The classification must correspond to the framework of activities and professions in accordance with Article 577 of Legislative Decree 5.452/1943 (CLT). PLR 1300 – profit sharing value equivalent to the share in the profits or results of the company in accordance with the specific law; 9232 Union contribution – support value equal to the deduction of the contribution for the costs of union ancillary activities; NOTE: If {dtDeslig} (or {dtTerm}) plus 10 days is not a business day, the next business day must be taken into account. 1404 Nanny supportValue, which refers to the reimbursement of expenses at Nanny`s, limited to the lowest monthly contribution salary and subject to the verification of the employee`s registration in the work and social security plan, the payment of remuneration and the collection of the social security contribution paid in accordance with labour law in compliance with the maximum limit of 6 (six) years of the child.

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